Sunday, October 15, 2006

History of the day for October 15

In 2084, cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, and other such devices become integrated into a single product that can be implanted into the brain. Sadly, this turns us into a society of people who are ringing and vibrating all day long.


amera hearts said...

that would be interesting. if someone hugged me and they were vibrating...i wouldn't let go!

Spinning Girl said...

I think they should call it "The Brain".

miss kendra said...

there's a "young adult" book called FEED that addresses this to a degree.

Ɯbermilf said...

I'm so lonely. I think I'll write a poem.

Jiggs is sweet, Jiggs is cute
He looks good in his birthday suit
He has a mullet, and myths he busts
If I need cheer, in him I trusts
Oh, Jiggsy, you're the perfect man
I wish I could buy you in a can!