Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gas Station Rating System

The other day I was driving Jiggs around, and I mentioned to him that I had just filled up at a four point gas station (petrol station for our European readers). He looked at me as though I was crazy, at which point I realized he didn't know the gas station rating system I was using, because I made it up. So now I share with you my system, so you can adopt it to.

I do two things every time I go to the gas station: fill up with gas and wash the windows. I am pretty anal about washing the windows, so the system is heavily weighted towards that. To score a gas station, award one point for each of the following:

- Good squeegees available
- Soapy water for said squeegee
- Good paper towels
- Cheap gas

(I give minus four points for not taking my credit card at the pump).

So there you have it. Now you can start rating all the stations you go to.


Monkey said...

This is fabulous! Good squeedgies are so very important.

Kat said...

What about washrooms that don't have any evidence of poo poo in them?

miss kendra said...

you are weird, and i feel that sheerly by weight of my thinking so, your weirdness rating doubles.

feel free to subtract points for paper towels.

Rich said...

Thanks for the 'european translation' Booty.

What are those bums at traffic lights for if you can wash your windows elsewhere? I'm so confused.

josh williams said...

Squeedgies and the pay at the pump is better than the wheel and sliced bread. No shit, if the mass's are reading, read this PAY AT THE PUMP,WHILE YOU CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS! IT IS THE SHIT! Kind Regards JW

Bunyan, Paul Bunyan said...

I dont buy gas, I travel the country with Babe the 14th and my whiskey jug filled with body temperture liquids to whatever level sound dynamics require to woo the locals.If you sir would like to sample some of my tunes for your next CD they are yours, I do it for the music.No shit.

The Husband said...

i like your rating system. i can't stand gas stations that never change the soapy water stuff. for all we know some drunk could piss in it and then the next person comes along and cleans their windshield and its all nasty.

Booty J Patrol said...

Monkey: Do they make you wash the windows sometimes?

Kat: The washrooms don't count because: 1) I rarely use them and 2) I'm a guy so I don't really care how dirty it is if all I have to do it pee. I do however keep a seperate list of clean bathrooms on key stretches of highway between my house and my favorite destinations.

Miss K: I am a little concerened that your are calling me wierd. You are the girl who went and had hot wax poured on her ass at a fetish club for her birthday while being in a posse of girls who had on a latex outfit that required lube and a girl whose shirt wouldn't stay on. By the way, the girl in the red latex dress was smokin' hot.

Rich: The bums do a shitty job, and I am anal about how clean the windows are. Most of them don't even use soap.

Josh: Yes, I agree. It is the shit.

Paul: Please send any music samples you have to

Carl: Until now, I had never thought about the possible piss content in the water.

Toad said...

The only thing weird about the system is having four be the max. It's a little unconventional with most things going up to five.

It might be harder to get support how it is now. I'll join your gas station rating, but I'm worried it will be harder for others to adopt.

Lilly said...

I never thought of all these things. I always evaluate my PETROL [thanks for the translation; a very considerate thing to do :-D ] station on whether the assitant behind the till is hot or not. I prefer them hot, you see.