Sunday, October 29, 2006

College Football Update

Yesterday USC lost to Oregon State, which vaults the California Golden Bears into sole possession of first place in the Pac 10. Granted, Cal still has to beat USC on the road, but it feels good to be a game up in the conference. If we can win out, we go to the Rose Bowl, something we haven’t done since the 1958 season. That’s the longest drought in either the Pac 10 or the Big Ten. That’s 9 teams on the West Coast and 11 in the Midwest (yes, the Big Ten has 11 teams… I don’t understand it either) that have won their conference more recently. Name a shitty football team in either conference and Cal has been a more consistent loser.

I’ve been a Cal fan since birth - I’m a second generation Golden Bear - so I understand the tradition of futility that Cal embodies. We’re the Chicago Cubs of college football. I had season tickets for my four years there and for two seasons our starting quarterback was an inch shorter than me (I’m only 5’11”). And it’s not like he was fast or had a great arm either. The hero of Cal coaching history is Pappy Waldorf who led us to three straight Rose Bowls in the early 1950s. And he lost each one.

What I’m getting at is that it’s easy to be a fan of Michigan. It takes work to be a Cal fan. Work and love. Work, love, and blind stupid stinking optimism. Go Bears! Rose Bowl!


The Husband said...

well said slappy. i hope they beat USC.

amera hearts said...

good post.

RIch said...

I know all those words but for some reason it doesn't matter how many times I read the post it just doesn't make sense. This is an American thing isn't it?!

Nick said...

The area between T and E in "Ten" is a one, to signify 11 teams. I don't see why it's so confusing.

Nick said...

Oh, and big ups to OSU for kicking some evil trojan ass.

How pissed off is Louisville that 1-loss Florida is ranked higher than them.

slappy said...

Carl and Amera: thanks. We Cal fans often feel alone in the world.

Rich: Very American. The only thing I can think of that might be a good analogy to college football is European club soccer. Except replace hooligan with drunken frat boy.

Nick: Ah yes, the infamous Ten-11. Also, I have a buddy who's an alum at West Virginia. I haven't asked him yet how he feels about the lack of love for the Big East. At the very least Rutgers needs some love.

Booty J Patrol said...


Did I tell you at last week's game against Washington, the girl in front of me almost passed out during overtime. She was so emotional about the game she was crying. Like the same kind of crying you do after the doctor comes out and tells you that your friend is going to live after you plowed them over with your car in a druken stupor kind of crying.

slappy said...

Last OT game I was at was Cal over Oregon State in triple OT. I went to the game alone, but was jumping around hugging strangers when we won.

And Booty - in answer to the annual hypothetical question: $200 if (a) we beat USC and (b) you can score tickets.

Maybe I'll just put away money every year for the Rose Bowl fund, and if we don't go before I'm 70 I'll just retire on it.

jamwall said...

wow! that's even worse than the minnesota golden gopher football team's absense from the rose bowl!

over here, incidentally, the fans are having an uprising against current head coach glen mason.

even at non-football events fans are chanting "fire mason"

slappy said...

Jam: At least you handled North Dakota State.... yeah, I think almost losing at home to a 1AA team justifies rebellion.

jamwall said...

after the gophers blocked NDSU's field goal to win it 10-9, they danced on the field as if they won the BCS national championship.

the proper reacton would have been self-mutilation, but mason's boys are a little slow.