Thursday, September 28, 2006

Utterly useless post

At my job they have a little candy dish with mini bags of skittles. I've been hitting that on a daily basis, and last few days I've noticed a mixing problem. Half the bag is of a single flavor. Today lime. Not that I'm complaining about free candy, it's just interesting, and it almost makes me want to track down someone at M&M/Mars (I co-oped there a couple months in grad school) and let them know. They are very big perfectionists about that. I used to watch a guy there when he would open a pack of M&M's he would first sort them by color to make sure it was an even mix, then eat them.

That's all. Carry on with your lives, blog community.


miss kendra said...

i like to organize my colored candies prior to eating them.

also, i like to know what animals are in my circus cookie box.

and sometimes i wash my hands until they bleed.

Booty J Patrol said...

When you co-oped at M&M/Mars, did they have free candy everywhere?

Tits McGee said...

I am also a candy organizer, and am irritated by an uneven mix (particularly when the majority are a poopy color/flavor, like brown M&Ms or cherry Dots - bleah).

The Husband said...

one time in college i bought a 12 pack of milwaukee's best and one of the cans was half full. thats what i call crazy yo!

Booty J Patrol said...

Carl, you're right -- buying a 12 pack of Milwaukee's Best IS crazy!

Tumbleweed said...

I don't sort shit.....that's why all my socks are pink.

I do pull out the black jelly beans and throw them away. I heard "once you go black....."

slappy said...

Kendra: Don't you hate the off-brand circus cookies that don't even look like animals? It's either a hippo or a manatee.

Booty: Yes, they do a lot of QC. And when they have grad students there they keep candy out on a tray for us. I think it amuses them. The best is when someone goes to the English plant and brings back English M&M/Mars - Galaxy, Flake - even their M&Ms taste better, smoother.

Carl: Is that really all that bad when you're talking about the Beast?

Booty: Zing.

Weed: ... you can't get the nasty taste of licorice out of your mouth.

amera hearts said...

I have this same candy jar at my work.

I noticed this too because most of the colors are yellow and green with one red and two purples with sporadic orange.

i hate them being so unorganized.i wonder if i could switch out some skittles for some hot tamales?

jiggs said...

organizing your candies? what's wrong with you people?

black jelly beans are disgusting, but Tasty loves them.

Lee Ann said...

I sort mine by colors if they are spread out in front of me.