Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nick made me a t-shirt design!

Initiating a truce between jiggsblog and the sac, nick sent me a t-shirt design that he made for me.

It correctly indicates that I have more testicles than the average man. In fact, there are only 3 balls allowed at a little league game, so strictly speaking I have more balls than such a game. Perhaps, though, he meant it metaphorically which would definitely be flattering.

Also, I'm currently under the impression that "steak 'n' eggs" is a penis euphemism that I invented. I can't find a reference to it on the internet. Granted, I didn't look very hard, but still.


Spinning Girl said...


The Husband said...

are those shirts available in XL?

will you autograph it for an additional $5?

Nick said...

Nick's a genius!

amera hearts said...

I so love that!

ps. Am I a bad american if I forgot it was the 9/11 5 year mark?

My excuse is 1. I have throwing up for like 12 hours yesterday. and 2. I don't really care. <--crap, now everyone will hate me. Doh!

miss kendra said...

i meant that it was the good part of the man.

and though i neglected to mention it yesterday, my vagina is named Betty Grable.

i like how the look on your face there is rendered even more creepy by the mention of little league.

The Husband said...

1- why do you keep throwing up?
2- are you a communist?

Brookelina said...

For you.

amera hearts said...

Carl - I keep throwing because one I'm very stressed due to my job and mom having cancer and second, I have a stomach that is sensitive so now that I'm way stressed, it doesn't like to have stuff in it!

and no I'm not a communist. I'm just sick of hearing about 9/11 and not seeing anything done about it or anything. I mean it's five years later and nothing has been rebuilt, the "war" isn't over. People need to stop bitching and do something.

On another note, should I have a slurpee after work or should I go to baskin robbins?

jiggs said...

spinner: ruff!

carl: they are not available currently.

nick: word

amera: I don't hate you. i think you're rad.

miss kendra: now that you mention it, it does make me look kind of like one of those sick pervs that hangs out at little league games.

brooke: rad! it's true. My mullet has definitely made me more successful with the ladies.

amera: puke no more.

Ɯbermilf said...

I'm going to make a cupcake shaped like your head. Then we'll see who you like better -- Nick, or me.

Also, I'll send you a picture of my boobs. Or Brooke's boobs.

Lee Ann said...


Tits McGee said...

For goodness sake, someone had better show some boobs.

jiggs said...

uebermilf: a cupcake would be great uebermilf. Additionally, pictures of yours or brooke's boobs would also be appreciated.

lee ann: I know!

tits: practice what you preach tits!