Monday, September 25, 2006

Jackass: Number Two

Tasty, Booty and I went to see the new Jackass movie yesterday and we give it our highest rating: 3.5 nuts up.

We had rented the previous Jackass movie multiple times, because it was such a lighthearted way to enjoy homoeroticism. The new Jackass movie lacks some of this lightheartedness, however, replacing the missing lightheartedness with nihilism. For example, the gay boys of jackass are shown doing things they don't want to do and later explaining that they did it even though it wasn't fun. At one point, one of them hopes that there won't be a jackass 3.

Regardless of my qualms about the second installment of Jackass, I think everyone should go see it for the mouse puppetry, the butt beer bong and the fart helmet.


amera hearts said...

this movie is rated r? i'm trying not to see rated r movies.

that reminds me. what is a pirates favorite movie?

rated rrrrrrrr ones!

ha ha. i crack myself up!

amera hearts said...
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miss kendra said...

they might as well just make the third one an s&m porn where they all punch each other in the faces while they do it.

Tits McGee said...

That would be so hot, Kendra.

Maybe Jiggs, Tasty, and Booty can get to work on that for us.

Lilly said...

Johnny Knoxville is HOT. Meow.

jiggs said...

amera: Unless you like profuse vomitting, midget penises and watching someone poop, I don't recommend you going to the jackass movie.

miss kendra: the jackass guys donkey punching each other! GENIUS LEVEL!!!

tits: The only person i am overtly homoerotic with is carl.

lilly: you and many other gay men agree.

amera hearts said...

jiggs, since i have been doing nothing but vomiting for the last 4 months, maybe i should have been in the movie!