Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm joining the priesthood

Sure, I might not be joining the priesthood of a reputable religion like Scientology or Paganism, but Catholicism does have its perks. For example, all the wine I can drink. But here's the major drawback: no babes.

That's right. They told me that I could keep writing on jiggsblog as long as I didn't flirt with any of the hot babes that read the blog.

So there you have it ladies. The Pope says no mas. He did however make an exception for Carl. I can still be gay with Carl.


Kat said...

What if I dressed like a man and wore a strap on? Does that count?

The Husband said...

thank the lord! i'm glad we can continue our homo-erotic relationship!

scumbag said...

you got it all wrong jiggs. you can chat with all the hot skeezers you want as long as you say you're sorry in the little box.

Monkey said...

Can you still enjoy hot monkey love? I shall weep endlessly, loudly and mucously if not.

allison said...


this sucks. good luck w/ that Jiggsy.

Jiggsy and Carl sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

The Husband said...

you are just jealous.

miss kendra said...

you should become a hoodoo priest and take over julian mcmahon's body.

you know, for fun. and then give it to me.

Tits McGee said...

This is simply unacceptable. I refuse to accept a life that has no flirting with Jiggs in it.

amera hearts said...

no more flirting? but flirting is harmless!

plus i would have to agree with scumbag. my good friends wife is catholic and she sins, but all is forgiven come the day she goes into that box!

you could become one of those religions that has multiple wives. but don't confuse those with mormonism because they DON'T have tons of wives. it's the other sect that tells everyone their mormons, when they're not.

Brookelina said...

Thank goodness you posted this before I sent you my titty shot.

slappy said...

Stop toying with the Jiggsblog Ladies, Jiggs.

Seriously, dude.


Ɯbermilf said...

I was going to send him a picture of my ass with his toothbrush in it.

amera hearts said...

hey i have a question for slappy:

what does one do when the hockey tickets one wants are sold out in the first hour of being on sale?!?!?!

muther f-ers!

miss kendra said...

golden-state is in the family way!

jiggs said...

kat: yes

carl: thank the lord indeed. homo-eroticism rulez!

scumbag: I might be new to the whole religion thing, but I don't think I should be taking moral advice from someone named scumbag

monkey: you're a boy and a monkey, so yes, we can still enjoy hot gay monkey love. but bring the mucous.

ap: sorry ap, the only flirting I will do now is with the good Lord and Carl.

miss kendra: cut out the middle man and go directly for julian mcmahon

tits: with time you will find some other hot young stud to flirt with and memories of any flirtation with me will fade.

amera: i must follow a new path sans the ladies and flirting with all you hot babes would make it hard. *must suppress urge to make penis joke*

brookelina: it must not have been in God's plan for me to see your boobies.

slappy: no toying, friend. no more flirting for me.

uebermilf: even if I was still flirting with all you hot babes, i am not certain that I would want to see my toothbrush in someone's butt. I do appreciate the sentiment, though.

miss k: hmm? I don't know if I get what you mean. Are you preggers?

Lee Ann said...

You quit flirting with me a long time ago!

Good luck in the Priesthood Jiggsy.

You should have become an Episcopal Priest. Our priests can even be married!

slappy said...

Amera: Damn. What team?

I guess buy tickets to the AHL instead. Lowell Lock Monsters, woo!

Tits McGee said...


jamwall said...

you can still decorate your office with soft lights and music and entertain all the alter boys you want!

jiggs said...

lee ann: episcopal priest, eh? maybe I'll look into that if this whole catholicism thing doesn't work out.

tits: memories... of the times we left behind

jamwall: right on!

Spinning Girl said...

You can still LOOK.