Thursday, September 14, 2006

I was on cheaters

A few days ago on what used to be UPN, they broadcast an episode of cheaters where the dude that was cheating had my real name. What's worse, the dude with my real name was this balding dude that looked weird and had a bad case of old person tattoo. And this guy was caught in a hot tub with a really hot babe which was also confusing, though that would have been confusing regardless of whether the guy had my name.

Anyway, do you ever say to yourself, "I don't have anything to write about today. I should tell people about an episode of cheaters."?


Spinning Girl said...

I have a bigger question. Why are you up?!?

Übermilf said...

Have you ever noticed that the cheating couples often eat at Chilis?

They walk out into the camera lights, stunned, holding their styrofoam take-out containers.

Lee Ann said...

I haven't ever seen that show!

scumbag said...

the best episode was when the host got stabbed.

Kat said...

I'm so disappointed in you. Where's the freak show. I came here for the freak show. I'm going home now.

amera hearts said...

i feel i have nothing good to say about 90% of the time!

miss kendra said...

that was an episode from the future.

your future.

now that you've seen it the whole universe is collapsing.

way to go.

The Husband said...

there was a guy named Jiggs Casey on the show?

what are the odds of that happening.

granny got game said...

Dear, handsome as you are, I doubt you need many words to hold the female population captive.

Brookelina said...

Are you cheating on me!!!

Übermilf said...

I saw Jiggs at Chilis.

jiggs said...

spinner: I don't usually go to sleep until 4:30 in the morning.

uebermilf: chilis is the place and styrofoam is the container of shame.

lee ann: you should start watching!

scumbag: that was fucking rad

kat: I can't be a freak show everyday. I am but a man.

amera: join the party!

miss k: at least I know that I get to do a hot gal in a hot tub in the future.

carl: 7/438290

granny: flattery will get you everywhere with me you old slut.

brookelina: i thought we were in a polyamorous relationship?

uebmerilf: holding my styrofoam container of shame?

jamwall said...

oh yeah, "heywood jablowme."

i remember that guy!

sans said...

cheating is wrong. cheaters go to hell.

Tits McGee said...

I heart old person tattoos. I will have some someday.

jiggs said...

jamwall: are you psychic?

sans: I have also heard that cheaters never win.

tits: I heart mob rule