Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Frock YOU!

Being a priest is pretty fucking awesome. When i walk down the street, people are all like "Bless you Father", or "Lemme buy you a beer, Father" or "take my money, Father". Sometimes they even say, "please bone my daughter, Father." Such an offer is tempting, but just for a moment as I remember my sacred not-doin-it vow.

I was thinking of starting a priestly funk band and calling it vatican/frockadelic.

Anyway, I gotta go. I'm ass deep in altar boys right now.


scumbag said...

don't you mean balls deep?

The Husband said...

can i be part of the band?

Lee Ann said...

You better back into this priesthood lightly Jiggsy!
You never know what might come of it! ;)

Ɯbermilf said...

I notice you're converting to Catholicism just in time to be burnt in effigy by extremists.

Tits McGee said...

Oh, Jiggs.

This is a deeply disturbing new development.

Can't you just bring back Tiny Sajak instead? I liked you better as LL Cool Jiggs. Or was it Big Daddy Jiggs?


miss kendra said...

i like the vatican/frockadelic idea.

but the rest is rubbish. priests are scary.

(also were i pregnant, would i sound so happy?)

amera hearts said...

this is funny because today i applied to work for a catholic chairty at st. something cathedral!

jiggs said...

scumbag: I set em up and you knock em out

carl: sure. you can play tamborine

lee ann: back into the priesthood...back in black!

uebermilf: my timing as always is impeccable

tits: we'll get through this. don't worry.

miss kendra: I will not be a scary priest. I will be a friendly priest that skydives and goes to shows and hangs out with the hip kids.

amera: perhaps I'll visit your parish.