Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Grabsack

Tasty and I saw the protector. that had a buttload of bone shattering in it. Of course I gave it my highest rating: FRICKIN AWESOME!

I also bought a new mattress pad to replace the one that I gave to my friends for their wedding present. (as a sidenote, they really appreciated the gift and wrote me a very nice thank you letter) The new mattress pad I got is waterproof and it only cost three bucks more than a non waterproof one. Just think, now I can wet my bed without worry that it will stain the mattress. GOLDEN SHOWERS TO THE MAX!

Did you know that 5 people came to jiggsblog searching for "dutch hookers"? and someone in the last week searched for the phrase, "he jizzed on me gross" and ended up here. Of course sometimes we get intellectuals coming to the blog. For example, take the person who searched for "shakespeare, fellatio, shirt" and arrived at jiggsblog.


The Husband said...

i think this blog is the center of the universe.

Tits McGee said...

I can only imagine the number of people who will now be arriving at your blog after searching for GOLDEN SHOWERS TO THE MAX!

Man, I love your grabsack.

amera hearts said...

Golden showers, ew.

I also had the same thought that Tits had....I mean about the golden showers, not your grabsack.

scumbag said...

wow, i was searching for "golden showers to the max" and got here.

i also got here by searching for "jiggs casey is an aids infested fag".

The Husband said...

1- scumbags comment about "jiggs casey is an aids infested fag" is hilarious!

2- i want everyone to know that "i'm bringing sexy back...yeah!"

granny got game said...

I must confess, Jiggs, I came looking for large nude black men. I have been told they are extemely well endowed.

Ɯbermilf said...

You're gratuitous use of "nutsack" is making me quite randy.

miss kendra said...

someone needs to sitemeter granny and find out where she's coming from.

just a thought.

Brookelina said...

Wait, you gave your friends your old mattress pad? Ewwwwwwwwww!

jiggs said...

carl: you just might be right.

tits: everyone loves my grabsack

amera: you love my grabsack too. it's ok. just admit it.

scumbag: why were you looking for fags, scumbag? are you interested in picking some up?

carl: 1. it's funny cuz it's true. 2. great! no wait. i mean OH NO!

granny: why do I feel like I know you?

uebermilf: i think you're doing some kind of wishful thinking because I didn't use the word "nutsack" once in today's post.

missk: site meter? I haven't even met her... wait. that's the first I tried that didn't work right.

brookie: don't you remember this post?

Kat said...

So they didn't come here for multiple, smooth, round testies? hmmmf.

Tits McGee said...

I do!!!

Brookelina said...

I'm old. I forget easily.

What were we talking about?

jamwall said...

was it hard removing the yellow stains from the mattress pad?