Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Everyone would see the TV

I’ve lived in my apartment for two years, and recently decided to rearrange all the furniture. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to arrange it. I live in an apartment complex where there are eight units that all face in on a courtyard, and every unit has the same arrangement in their living room except for mine. I know this because when standing in the courtyard, you can see into all the living rooms through the windows. Everyone else has their TV on the wall opposite the window and their couch under the window. This seems to be the only other viable arrangement besides the one I’ve currently got. This brings me to my problem, and the most important question – since everyone can see into the window when one is watching TV with this arrangement (and can see what is on the TV), is it ok to watch porn in the living room?


Monkey said...

I say yes! They aren't required to look into your living room. Free choice and all that.

Tits McGee said...

Hell yes!

You'd be giving your neighbors the gift of porn! That's loving thy neighbor, for sure!

The Husband said...

yes, its ok to watch porn in your living room. just make sure they don't see you wacking it. that might make things a little weird.

shadowowl said...

Do you have curtains?

miss kendra said...

shadowowl asked my question.

but if not, i think it depends on the strain of porn.

for instance: where the boy's aren't IV would probably be more acceptable to the masses than strictly dickly albino rhinos.

TastyMcJ said...

people still watch porn on their TVs?

how quaint.

Booty J Patrol said...

Monkey: I'm impressed with your ability to be the first comment at almost any time of the day. You must not sleep much.

Tits: Loving thy neighbor, eh? Well, maybe ONE of my neighbors.

Carl: Yes, that might be uncomfortable, espcially if the kids that live nearby see -- that might even be illegal.

Shadowowl: Yes, but during most of the year I need to keep the windows and curtains open so that the temperature stays normal, which is why everyone else keeps theirs open too.

Miss K: See above for the curtain situation. As for the strain of porn, that really depends on my mood, and what is available for download from the internet that day.

Tasty: I download from the internet to the fileserver and then i can watch on any TV on the house, so although technically on the TV, it is really from the computer.

Kat said...

I say rearrange it so that they can not only see the porn but you enjoying it at the same time.

amera hearts said...

man, money has been out and about lately, but has failed to blog.....

you keep talking like there are only two walls in the living room, there are 3 -4 walls in the living room.

i know tons about furniture placement as I am in believe in feng shui.

and no on the porn thing. meaning no don't watch it. BUT you should have sex in the living room when you know people are in the courtyard!