Sunday, September 10, 2006

Damned copyright infringement

First they took down my Oregon Trail designs, then my "When life gives you Lenins, make Leninade" design. So I made some designs for a cafepress store that could not possibly violate any trademarks.

For the optimists.
There's a story here: Once in college Jiggs was annoying a suitemate who was on her way out of the dorm. She got angry at him and said, "What, you think you're funny?" Three days later at lunch he said, "I've been doing some thinking, and actually, I do think I'm funny." This design is a celebration of Jiggs for taking the question seriously.
An important clarification from the abstinence crowd. Rick Santorum is very concerned about this subject.

This is just something that amuses me. I'm not even sure why.


jiggs said...

I do think I'm funny. It's true.

slappy said...


jamwall said...

i'll drink to your immensley small penis.

but not directly out of it..