Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Unfortunately, I put everyone into a picture frenzy and the pics from the party in our pants are not gonna live up to that. But here is a little bit of tastiness. These are the decorations that were in the blacklight room (before the blacklight). Check out the tiny jeans:

and during the party with the blacklight with some crazy pants as well:

Notice the giant posters of Joey Lawrence and Abe Vigoda. We put little talk bubbles next to them. Joey said, "Clamdiggers are rad!" and Abe said, "Your face is clamdiggers!" Joey and Abe are up all the time. They're not just for parties, you know.

Here is curtain out of pants that was made:

And this is Tasty, tattooing himself with highlighter in the blacklight. Check out his savage "crazy pants" shirts:

The party was well attended. I think 80 somethin beers were drank plus a bunch of hard liquor. And members of the band, "pantspantspants" were there. Someone also baked a cake that looked like a pair of pants. Of course, someone immediately ate the crotch out of it:


Ɯbermilf said...

You could've included cupcakes somehow.

Just because.

Friends of McDougal said...

Something's sort of wrong with you people.

Spinning Girl said...

Seriously, will you marry me?

Tits McGee said...

Many thanks for the pictures. I am insanely jealous and want to live in your pants.

Also, Joey Lawrence and Abe Vigoda? Genius.

jamwall said...

almost a hundred tiny sajaks were massacred for their tiny multicolored pants.

slappy said...

Was the crotch bite bare handed or did they just dive face first into it? This question is in reference to the cake.

Brookelina said...

I just dove right into it, Slappy. Cause that's how I roll.

slappy said...


miss kendra said...

i am terribly disappointed to have missed it.

i'm going down to the home depot to hire some dayworkers to reenact it for me.

Nick said...

For once FoMcD isn't just spouting drunken gibbereish. There is something wrong with you jiggsblog types.

The Husband said...

awesome photo's.

do you really have a picture of joey lawrence on your wall?

TastyMcJ said...

Yes, Joey and Abe have been up there for quite a while now.

I ate the crotch. It was cut out for me by the lady who made the cake, and presented to me before anyone else ate any since it was my birthday last week.

I believe subsequent pieces were cut in ever-widening circles around the crotch.

It was quite tasty.

scumbag said...

pants are for gooks.

allison said...

the joey lawrence wall art is the best.

amera hearts said...

vwjwiip[that is really weird!

what's up with the missing crotch on the cake pants?

ps. i have always said joey lawrence rules!

okay gotta go.

mother f-ing word verification. i hate...aaaaahhhhh.

jiggs said...

uebermilf: if you were at the party, there definitely would have been cupcakes

mcd: there's something wrong with your face. literally actually cuz it's not there.

spinner: yes.

tits: I wish everyone thought that way tits.

jamwall: How they loved their pants of many colors

slappy: imagining that question in reference to someone who got a junk bite amuses me greatly.

brooke: you love to dive into the crotch! You're so naughty!

slappy: woo indeed

miss kendra: please videotape the re-enactment and send it to us.

nick: I would be remiss if I didn't say it: There is something wrong with your face!

carl: yes. they are permanent residents

tasty: yes. the pants cake was delicious

scumbags: I take it you wear a dress then. chiefs suck.

AP: you can thank tasty for that. he is the mastermind behind all the genius level ideas around here.

amera: are you having a nervous break down?

Tumbleweed said...

Cool party! The one in my mouth was funner! Why is the bite out of the pants square? Shouldn't it be round with teeth marks?

Will you marry me too? How about a Harem?

Lee Ann said...

You guys are pros!
You should hire yourselves out to do theme parties!

jiggs said...

tumbleweed: I bet the party in your mouth was funner. definitely I'll marry you too. I have always wanted a harem.

lee ann: thanks! A whole lot of the credit has to go to tasty and b-town. They spent a lot of time brainstorming for it.

Spinning Girl said...

Is your avatar a photo of that sexy poster, or did you find the same photo elsewhere?

Just wondering.

I have lots of time for wondering, these days.