Thursday, August 24, 2006

What should my rapper name be?

I was thinking of going by the name MC Jiggs as that is simple and straightfoward. However, Tumbleweed suggested a rapper name contest* which I am game for. I know that Brooke had aready suggested LL Cool Jiggs which I like because it suggests that ladies love cool jiggs. And jamwall suggested "vanilla face". But what do you think I should be named?

Also, what should my next song be about? I was thinking of maybe rapping about mullets.

*By contest I mean that there will be no prizes and additionally I'm not even obliged to take the winning name.


jamwall said...

how about this song...

i know a girl who thinks of ghosts
she'll make ya breakfast
she'll make ya toast
she don't use butter
she don't use cheese
she don't use jelly
or any of these
she uses vanilla

Tumbleweed said...

geez....Jams made me shoot water out my nose!

Now I gotta think on a name!!

Tits McGee said...

Big Daddy Jiggs?

The Husband said...

how about:
DJ Cock and Balls

Nick said...

Jiggsmaster Flash


Poop Breath

miss kendra said...

well, running with a trend, what about jiggsillionaire?

i just threw up a little. i think it's a winner!

Übermilf said...

Jizzy Jiggs

amera hearts said...

jam master jiggs


jiggy fresh!

miss kendra said...

fresh jiggs of bel air

jiggs said...

All these ideas are great! Maybe I'll make a rap to incorporate all the names too! I heart rapper name puns with the word "jiggs" in them.

jiggs said...

jamwall: that sounds more like the chorus to a cool new flaming lips song

Kat said...

Grand Master JiggsAWE

jiggs said...

i am the grand master of awesome!

Tits McGee said...

DJ Jizzy Jiggs. Definitely.

Big ups to Übie.

Lee Ann said...

P Diddy Jiggs

Lee Ann said...

Fizzledizzle Jiggsyboy