Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spinnerina is so rad!!!

Spinning Girl is awesome. Awesome. AWESOME. AWESOME!!! I got a package in the mail today. Check it:

Inside I got this wonderful note:

My dearest Jiggs!
Long has been the wait, and at last I sent you a gift. This bear may well have been the seed of my TBDOA dismay; a gift from some random friend in 1987, "Sergeant Bear" greeted me when i opened up my childhood closet upon moving back home (temporarily! whew) this summer. By sending him to you, I acknowledge you as my knight and protector.
Love, Spinnerina
And check out the bear:

The nice thing about this gift is that it serves two purposes. The first, of course, is way awesome giftitude to myself. But the second purpose is to cleanse Spinnerina of her secret tormentor Sergeant Bear, who from within the closet has been making her life hell. I'll cherish sergeant bear forever. thanks!

Sergeant bear kind of sucks as a name, though. What should I name him? More fun with the bear formerly known "sergeant bear" in the upcoming days.


jamwall said...

wow, that's like being knighted. except, instead of a sword, she's knighting you with sargeant bear.

The Husband said...

wow, this is a huge accomplishment. first you recieved a cat (which you ate) and now a bear.

i say you call it the "Bukake Bear"

Tits McGee said...

I think that's with three ks, Carl. And, ew.

I'm jealous. I want a present from Spinning Girl.

Tumbleweed said...

You keep that bear away from Tuna or he might eat her!

"Captain Douchebag".....oops that would be naming him after Scumbag!

scumbag said...

i'm gonna kill you weed, right after i kill jiggs.

The Husband said...


i noticed you have two blogs. whats the difference? which one should i comment on?

miss kendra said...

carl: erstwhile slattern in tits' younger self's diary. tit's list is where she give us all the news that's fit to print.

i like to comment on titslist because i like when my history says "tits."

jiggs: sargeant bear might be sufferg to you know. don't ask don't tell has ruined many lives. he might actuall be ballerina bear in sargeant bear's body.

Lee Ann said...

A Cammo Commanderbear! Wow Jiggs, you get a lot of gifts.
How sweet.
You are as hugable as the bear.

slappy said...

I thought Scumbag was still a lance-corporal.

Working off of Kendra's comment, perhaps he can be Don't Ask Don't Tell Bear.

miss kendra said...

woh i can't spell today.

that comment was before my coffee if anyone cares.

Spinning Girl said...

Isn't blog-love the greatest love of all (is haaaappeniiiing to meeeeeeeeeeeee...)(Whitney, back when she had teeth and a cerebrum to speak of)?

Huge agreement on the name. Sergeant Bear (with the accent on the "sergeant") is what the giver of the bear named it. I say we rename it. I like "don't ask/don't tell bear" the best so far.

And big ups for invoking an adjective I haven't heard since 1982. You are totally tubular, in my opinion.

Now give that big teddy some love.

slappy said...

Kendra: Don't worry about spelling. We have Booty around, who intentionally misspells words so that people feel better about themselves. He's pretty cool that way.

Spinner: I'm in the lead! Yeah me!

The Husband said...

when are we going to get another Mullet Update?

also, once the hair is long enough will you put it in a ponytale?

Lilly said...

Jiggs, you are *so* frigging popular -- how many other Bloggers get presents in the mail on a regular basis from female fans? ;-)

Lilly said...

[PS. A name suggestion: Bjørn (which means 'bear' case you didn't know)]

Tits McGee said...

Ooh! Ballerina Bear! Please?

Kendra - the thought of Tits in your history will keep me awake tonight.

Carl - Give it to me any way you like.

jiggs said...

jamwall: I love to be knighted by gay bears.

carl: bukkake bear is in the right ballpark, but the wrong game.

tits: You should be jealous. Getting a bear from spinning girl is 100% pure sexual chocolate

tumbleweed: I think that tuna and the bear are gonna be bestest friends forevers

scumbag: don't take out your chiefs sucking frustration on me

miss kendra: it is possible that he might bring suffering to me. but here in the jiggsblog household, he will be free to choose his lifestyle, no matter how gay it is.

lee ann: thanks! I do get a lot of gifts. I'm so lucky to have blog pals like you guys.

slappy: good thinking

spinner: we can be totally tubular together... sexual chocolate

carl: no ponytails for me. I don't want to look like a sleezy real estate agent! apologies in advance if you're a real estate agent.

lilly: finally I'm popular! Female fans like you and spinner and miss kendra are what keep me updating this blog every day.

tits: one of the bears hobbies will definitely be ballet. and also hot gay sex.

Tumbleweed said...

Yep, BFF, just like you and me!