Saturday, August 12, 2006

a random thought

Verizon finally deemed me worthy of DSL. As part of the "activation process", I think it had me download the internet. It was 30MB of what I can only assume are spyware, viruses, and porn. At least they're putting porn on my hard drive.

So my random thought is the big difference between plural and singular for some words.

Pasty = not fun
Pasties = lots of fun



The Husband said...

i personally don't like pasties. unfortunately, Virginia state law requires nude dancers to wear pasties in strip clubs. can you believe that shit! they also can't take off their bottoms. so its basically just a bunch of chicks in thongs and pasties dancing on stage. it totally defeats the purpose of going to a strip club. great question though!

jamwall said...

i once accidentally put my internet explorer icon in the recycling bin and therefore deleted the entire internet.

luckily, the internet people back up all that shit, so i was back in business.

Tumbleweed said...

I look damn pasty today! I need sleep.

slappy said...

I'm not sure if pasty pasties would be lots of fun. Perhaps there are some strip clubs in northern Canada that could yield data...