Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mel Gibson going to temple?

On they're reporting that a rabbi invited Mel Gibson to his synagogue to start the healing process. No news yet on whether any lady Jews have invited Mel Gibson to sleep with them to start the healing process.

Booty, as our Jiggsblog Jew, I think you should invite Mel Gibson to hang out at your apartment for an afternoon, watch Star Wars, and maybe have some nachos.

Sadly, as the Jiggsblog Filipino/German, I am rarely called upon to represent the Filipino/German community. That community consisting of me and Andy Bumatai.


The Husband said...

i think everyone (especially those in hollywood) need to take a step back and ask themselves if they have ever said anything stupid while they were drunk??!?!?

i've done so on numerous occassions.

also, the rule i've always gone by is as follows:
if you remember saying it the next day then you mean't it.

if you don't remember saying it then you didn't mean it.

Booty J Patrol said...

As the Jiggsblog Jew, I would invite him over, however, I happen to have insider information that would prevent me from doing so.

I grew up in a town just outside of LA near Malibu. Mel and his family live in Malibu.

I had a friend in high school whose family was friends with the Gibson family, and the would go visit often.

Keep in mind that Mel is a good christian, so he has a ton of kids, like 7 I think.

Every time this friend would come back from visiting the Gibson's, he would say to me, "Mel and his kids are a bunch of ass-holes and anti-semites. I hate going over there, no matter how fuckin' famous he is." And this was before the press even got wind of the fact that he hates Jews.

So what I'm saying is that his anti-semite-ness is inate and can't be taken out of him.

The Husband said...

one more comment and then i'll be done for the day.

i think people are focusing on the wrong thing. yes, he said some shitty stuff. but the real concern is the drunk driving. what if he killed himself or someone else.

i hate how the god damn media blows shit out of proportion. i think the media needs to stop forcing their opinions on us and let us decide for ourselves.


Ɯbermilf said...

You know what would've been better? If there was no drunken driving or ranting, and Mel had reached out to the Jewish community and said, "You know, I had a lot of bad stuff put into my head when I was growing up. Can you help me not hate?" That would've been cool. Instead, it looks like a PR stunt.

I'd like to add: Gibson claims he's Catholic, but John Paul II apologized for anti-semitism and declared how wrong it was and asked for forgiveness. He can't be too good of a Catholic if he didn't follow his leader.

scumbag said...

oh my god. i think my head is going to explode with all the possible offensive things i could say.

Tits McGee said...

For the record, Mel's one of those freaky Catholics (Sedevacantists) who reject all the Vatican II reforms and his father (Hutton Gibson) is a noted holocaust denier and anti-semite. It surprises me not at all that these are the values Mel is passing on to his children, and I don't buy a word of his apologies. He's just trying to rescue his public image so he can keep raking in cash as a movie star.

Sorry Carl, but this is not a case of someone just blurting out some stupid shit while drunk. This is a case of someone showing their true colors. And those colors are fucking ugly.

slappy said...

1) I am hoping that Mel gets drunk again and blames Jews for his alcoholism.

2) Booty, maybe you should invite Mel over to clean your gutters and wash your car for the healing. At least you can get some free labor out of it.

3) Wow. I didn't realize it was so heavy that he'd even let loose at a bbq. Neat story, Booty. Any more dirt on celebs?

4) It's amazing that Mel was able to put out so many movies since the Jews control all media.

5) Why hasn't scumbag said that hating jews is for gooks yet?

scumbag said...

i didn't wanna state the obvious. cuz stating the obvious is for gooks.

miss kendra said...

i would like to be an honorary jiggs blog jew.

i've got the jew part covered already, so really this is just a title thing.

and i agree with carl spackler. everyone's so caught up in the "damn jews/sugar tits" thing that they are ignoring the potential fiery death factor.

aside: my nickname at the restaurant i used to work at was sugar tits.

Brookelina said...

Interesting that a man who has his own church on his property and attends mass every single day still has a drinking problem. I would have thought all that prayer would have somehow alleviated that burden.

Oh that's right, he's a hypocriticaly asshole. No wonder prayer didn't help.

allison said...


amera hearts said...

Today is Thursday?!?!? What the?!?!? If I hadn't read your response I would have kept thinking it was Friday. I suck!

Mel Gibson said...

Shut up Booty! Jew don't know me.

Racism goes against the tenants of my faith. And I was drunk. We all know that people never reveal their true beliefs when they're drunk. Drunks are always reserved and metered in their opinion.

Anyway, I say all sorts of things I don't mean when I'm drunk. Like one time I said "Blacks were scum" and we all know that they're cool... if they're catholic or Danny Glover. Actually, Danny was a bit of a dick. Always stealing my scotch and claiming I had already drunk it. The miserly Jew...

um... anyway, sorry about that the other night. Sorry it'll effect my bank balance. The banks are all controlled by... um, not racist!

Remember to go and see Apocolypto!

jamwall said...

the reason that i posted my banana blograma tuesday post, was that i've always wanted to tell mel gibson the following:

"mel, why don't you go nail yourself on a cross."

jamwall said...

i've got a church on my own property. its called "the church of st. mattress"

AP said...

i've been to st. mattress!!

i go everyday at 2:30 for the "siesta mass"

Lee Ann said...

Nachos...what a great idea!