Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I’m a victim of racism!

My girlfriend was out of town for a week, so I was own my own for dinner. I decided I was going to cook a different meal each night of the week. On Monday, Indian food was the entrée de jour. I had to get some pretty specific stuff for the meal I was making, so I went to the nearby Indian supermarket (yes, I live in a very diverse area with Indian and Korean supermarkets). I like shopping at the Indian market because it is closer to my house, has better prices, and is the only place to buy a package of naan. It was late at night and the market was crowded. But I noticed something odd – I was the only white person in the store. As a matter of fact, I was the only non-Indian person.

People were giving me funny looks. I could tell they wanted to ask me, “What are you doing in here?” How could I tell you ask? Because one of the people asked me, “What are you doing in here?” It was this really creepy guy, who started asking me where I live, what I do, etc. He even went so far as to wait for me to come out of the store so he could as me more questions. The best question he asked me was, “Did you learn about Indian food working in Bangalore?” I suppose this is only fair – we accuse them of stealing our jobs, they accuse us of going to India to recruit them to steal our jobs.


The Husband said...

thats bullshit. you should have told him you mollest collies. that will make him think twice about asking questions.

Lee Ann said...

Wow, I am impressed that you cook such exotic type meals!

Übermilf said...

Mr. Patrol, I feel your pain.

At the various Eastern European delis, stores, and restaurants, non-Slavic speakers are not waited on in a timely fashion. And at Easter, they are downright descriminatory in deciding who gets the best sausage.

It's a travesty.

Nick said...

You should just glue some black hair to your upper lip, they'll think you're eastern european and give you all the sausage you want.

Tits McGee said...

We do a good amount of our shopping at our local Asian food mart - their limes and scallions are always cheaper than at the supermarket, and they always have fresh Thai basil and a wide range of fresh hot peppers. Try getting that shit at the Stop and Shop.

But why did you wait for your girlfriend to go out of town to do all the fun cooking?

Lilly said...

You cannot just walk into any shop and buy naan bread? Wow. Here in little tiny insignificant Denmark, I can buy my naan bread 30 meters from my flat. In the local discount chain supermarket.

Do you have the same difficulties purchasing a pizza? ;-P

Booty J Patrol said...

Carl: I was surrounded by people of his kind -- I didn't want to offend him.

Lee Ann: I don't cook American food very often. I usually just buy that stuff. If I'm going to go to the effort of cooking, it's usually exotic.

Ubermilf: A travesty indeed. Try the Jewish deli's. They are usually more focused on the customer service, because as you know, all we care about is money. Although you might have some problems getting the sausage.

Nick: That is a better suggestion than mine. Uber, you should go with that one.

Tits: My girlfriend usually works till 8 or 9 at night, so it is too late to cook by the time we get home. We usually go out to eat, or her mom cooks for us.

Lilly: No, the supermarkets here don't carry Naan, although you would think they would at least in my area. An no, pizza is fairly easy to come by. :)

Kat said...

Well ya know, since the great naan shortage of 2003 people haven't gotten over the need to hoard it all to themselves.