Monday, August 07, 2006

I played Dungeons and Dragons this weekend.

Yes, the nerdiest of all nerd games. It all started when we went out with my girlfriend's brother, who wanted to tell the family about his engagement. Afterwards, he mentioned that they were going to a friend's house to play DnD. I mentioned that I hadn't played in about 15 years, so he told me to come over.

It turns out my girlfriend had never played the game, nor seen it played. She asked how it worked. This was our conversation:

Me: "There is one guy in charge, called the Dungeon Master. He runs the game, plays all the other characters, and plays all the bad guys."

Her: "So what do you guys do?"

"We tell him what our characters are going to do. It works like this. I say 'I want to enter the room'. He says 'Ok, roll the dice to see if you can find the lightswitch'. Then I roll a 12 and he says 'OK, you found the lightswtich, but it was trapped, so now you are poisoned.'"

"I'm sorry, that sounds REALLLLLY boring".

She then came and watched us play, and laughed as the game progressed pretty much as I described.

PS. Nick: I try not to touch computers on weekends -- I prefer to go outside and help my body make the Vitamin D it needs for the rest of the week.


Lee Ann said...

My boyfriend played for a while with a group.
I think I sounded like your girlfriend except I even asked ...
"since you are role playing, do you dress up"? should have seen his reaction! ahahahahah
The answer was not no but HELL NO!

Tits McGee said...

I totally heart nerds.

When I was a kid, my older brother used to have all of his dorky friends over every night to play D&D at our dining room table. I thought they were soooooooooooo cool.

miss kendra said...

i used to watch my guy friends play in college, but i never understood if the number on the dice actually meant anything or if the "master" just made it all up.

im a big fan of making it all up.

Nick said...

Guys, all of these posts were perfectly acceptible. I told you we could have without Jiggs.

I don't actually know if I told you that or not, but everyone knew I was thinking it. They always know what I'm thinking.

That's why I wear the tinfoil hat. It's stylish AND it keeps the brain rays out. (and pretty much the entire ultraviolet spectrum)

Spinning Girl said...

I sit in the dark and drink a big old glass of milk for the Vitamin D.

Sunlight is overrated.

I too have never seen a D&D game in action.

Probably because it's so effing dark.

jamwall said...

i remember a cheesy made for tv movie about "the dangers" of DnD.

apparently, some religious whack jobs said that DnD caused schizophrenia or something.

slappy said...

I never got into DnD. Strategy boardgames... now that's what I call geeky fun. Used to be a huge Axis&Allies fan. Settlers and Puerto Rico now.

Nick: Didn't they teach you anything in school? The tinfoil hat doesn't work unless you wear the matching tinfoil boxers.

Jam: Are you sure that wasn't an anti-pot movie?

jamwall said...

serious, it was like the "reefer madness" of anti-DnD movies.

apparently, all the DnD fans and devotees are supposed to go schizoid, form a cult, dismember their friends and have sex with the body parts. (in no particular order).

slappy said...

That's just silly. DnD people don't have sex.

The Husband said...

changing topics....

is Blog Affiliates of Justice officially over?

Nick said...

Slappy - Thank you for not making fun of my 4am grammar.

Strategy games are where it's at. I can remember a game of Risk I played with 4 other gentlemen that lasted about 6 months. We had the board setup in neutral territory so that non eof could get to it and we would play for 1 hour each day. After the first couple weeks it got pretty intense, we had people calling people at home to forge alliances or tear down alliances made by others. I didn't win, but I cripppled the motherfucker who made his powerplay against me, if only to ensure that he didn't win either. Love that game.

I challenge you to a Risk-off, Slappy.

slappy said...

Just let me get my Mountain Dew 2-liter and a bag of Doritos and you're on.

Tumbleweed said...

You really are a nerd aren't you?
That's so cute!!