Saturday, August 05, 2006

History of the day for August 5

In 40,000 BC, Grog the cave painter accepts a mastodon rib in exchange for drawing Bunko, tribe chieftain hopeful, killing the great sabertooth tiger one on one. Grog thus invents "selling out."


Nick said...

This is known as "comissioning a painting" and would only be considered selling out if Grog was a respected indy artist. If he were a pop artist then it would be business as usual.

Warhol sold his soul for cocaine and lady-boys so many times I lost count, and people still love his crazy ass "Art". Silver balloons? Why can't people just fucking paint, anymore?

RIch said...

Yeah, I'm a little behind in my reading... *looks at word behind* Nah *snigger*

Just hd to add this ones as funny as...