Saturday, August 12, 2006

another thought

So Al-Qaeda plots to use liquid explosives on airplanes, and as a result we have to get rid of all of the water and toiletries and such in our carry-on luggage. What if that was their real intent? Making air travel even more inconvenient... We'll know if next week officials uncover an Al-Qaeda plot to smuggle liquid explosives up their asses, forcing us to undergo body cavity searches just to get on the plane.


Übermilf said...

I think Slappy makes an excellent point.

Next cotton fibers will be used, forcing us all to wear synthetic underwear.

slappy said...

Don't get Jiggs started on the subject of silk boxers.

jamwall said...

i wonder how much those john madden winnebagos are going for these days.

Nick said...

I can't wait until all of the smaller Airlines Companies fold because they are selling 12 flights a month and then the larger companies can charge whatever the hell they want.

I bet the government will get their hands on some of that money.