Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup

For those of you that didn't watch the final, the French captain with 10 minutes left in extra time headbutted an Italian player, knocking him to the ground. Got red carded and thrown out of the game, Italy wins on PKs.

They moved the image. It's here now. YouTube has it here.


Lilly said...

Zidane was a complete fucking tosser -- what a lame thing to do! That's how he'll be remembered now that he's retired from football [sorry - SOCCER]....what an arse like!

jiggs said...

definitely he's a dick. but he got what he deserved in that france lost the world cup arguably because he would have been taking that penalty kick and not the guy that missed it.

Lilly said...

Exactly! That makes him an even bigger dick -- he's not just letting down his team; he's letting down the whole French nation! Bam stick. That's what he is -- a bam stick!