Monday, July 17, 2006

Where's my floss?

I'm working on some new t-shirt ideas based upon the images you see here. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble coming up with amusing phrases to pair with these amusing images. For example, for the vampire shirt, I think it might be amusing if it said "blah! Can I borrow your floss?" but I'm far from sold on that.

And this pic is so rad looking, but the only phrase I can think for this one is "candles are so scary!"

My t-shirt store is growing and people sometimes even buy my crap! But sadly, the designs that I work the hardest on don't ever seem to sell.


jiggs said...

Also possible: I'm afraid of candles!

Nick said...

think for yourself, freeloader!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I've got nothing—except how do you get people to buy your crap?

Lilly said...

Vampire: What do you mean I need to pluck my eyebrows?!

Candles: Oh my God, I look like that with the light on?!

... dinnae ken, Jiggsy man. I've not had enough mochas today to make any kind of intelligent sense.

The Husband said...

i have the Prince song "Purple Rain" stuck in my head.

Ɯbermilf said...

"Do I have a piece of human flesh stuck in my teeth?"

Fred said...

"i just bit my tongue!"


Fred said...

"my ass! thats the last time i light a fart"

scumbag said...

how about:

"blah! can i borrow your dead hookers?"


"dead hookers are so scary!"

Booty J Patrol said...

"I wish these candles didn't make it so easy to see you."

miss kendra said...

when i have some money, i will purchase a jiggsblog design.

i'm not sure which, but it will be good.

and i will model it.

Montezuma's Revenge said...

No ideas but I love the Daddy shirt that says 'not another dead hooker' and the 'Geek is the new Black' is also pretty good. By the way, you will be happy to know that I saw Carl walking around in one of your 'Ask me about my small penis' shirts.

Tumbleweed said...

vampire: "Do Crest strips remove blood stains"

Also, I need a shirt with "Don't play smart" on it. Not sure of the image.

Brookelina said...

One.. two.. three!! Three peanut butter sandwiches! Ah ah ah!!!

jiggs said...

nick: that doesn't mean to make sense as the phrase on either shirt.

pix: honestly, I don't know why my shit gets bought. It doesn't get bought a lot though. I moved to a premium shop and I'm still not sure if it helped.

lilly: eyebrows. that's a good idea. let me cogitate on that one

carl: your face has the song purple rain stuck in it

uebermilf: "well do I?" good

fred: FRED!!!! tongue good

scumbag: if we combine your suggestion with brooke's we get:

"One.. two.. three!! Three dead hookers! Ah ah ah!!!"

booty: how about "I wish these candles didn't make it so hard to see you... cuz you're ugly!"

miss k: I'm all for you modeling pretty much anything except for burkas and mumus.

zuma: thx. I knew carl had a small penis!

tumbleweed: I really do wonder whether crest strips can get out blood.

For your other "play hard play smart" idea. One possibility is a karate guy banging his hand on the wood and then using a saw for the "play smart" part.

brooke: great! Also see my modification to your saying above.

Lee Ann said...

Since The girl with the candles is on a T-shirt as if she is looking at whoever is looking at you...the caption could read
OH, YOUR FACE! It scared me.

Tits McGee said...

I don't know about your t-shirts, but if you're looking for your floss, may I suggest looking on Slappy's butt?

Don't worry, Jiggs - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

jamwall said...

vampire: my penis itches.

girl with candles: i really should be topless.

Lee Ann said... crack me up!
You are definitely ALL BOY!

Spinning Girl said...

I'm going to think about these for you.

I'm still waiting for you to send me the vajayjay mouse pad. It must've gotten lost in the mail?

Spinning Girl said...

for the vampire:

Did you say a "stake sandwich" ?!?!?

ha ha ha

I'll have a blood light, please.

how about

I suck.

jamwall said...

i'm very BOYant.



Spinning Girl said...

The more I picture that vampire with a giant "I Suck" next to him, the funnier I thihk it is.


I Suuuuuck!

Spinning Girl said...


Nick said...

That's the genius of it.

jiggs said...

lee ann: There is definitely going to be a "My God! you're hideous!" shirt.

tits: that's funny because slappy does floss his butt because he doesn't want cavities. ass cavities!

jamwall: Now it sounds like you're writing a porno. If it were a gay porn, the vampire would say "I vant to suck your dick. blah!"

lee ann: he's definitely all boy. In fact, jamwall won the allboy olympics.

spinner: i like the "stake sandwich" one. i heart dumbjokes. I'll probably make a "where do vampires do their banking?" shirt.

jamwall: all boyant olympics

spinner: definitely an I suck shirt is in order