Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuna (Kitten) in a sandwich

I finally did it. I finally decided to make my kitten in a sandwich. Tuna has been a great kitty, but at the same time, I am all about kitten sandwiches. You remember Tuna, right? Tuna is the kitten that miss kendra sent me.

Sure, it will be sad to see Tuna go, but I am also happy that I get a sandwich.

Adding a little mustard to really bring out the kitten flavor.

The rest of the pics are a little too gruesome to show, so I leave you with this pic of me about to enjoy my Tuna sandwich.


Spinning Girl said...

Yum! I would put roasted peppers in there for extra zing.

Übermilf said...

I have a couple of questions.

One: Why are you wearing clothes that don't match?

Two: How old is that oven behind you? Is it a microwave? If so, I think that's hazardous.

Also, Tuna will haunt you nightly and make you rue the day you put mustard on her soft fluffy coat.

The Husband said...

i have two questions:
1- are you wearing those gay man pajama pants?
2- did you kill that little fucker or eat him alive?!?!

scumbag said...

looks like somethin' they serve up at them gook restaurants.

Nick said...

Who the hell wears stripes and plaid?

Brookelina said...

Was it all you had hoped for? Did the fur get caught in your teeth? Why are you dressed like the kids in special class?

Lilly said...

I think you look cute, Jiggs -- but how can you eat that poor little kitten????

Tits McGee said...

Wow. You sure can open wide, Jiggs.

Tumbleweed said...

I have 2 questions too:

1: Did the whole kitten head actually fit in that gaping hole?

2: What wine goes best with Kitten in a sandwich?

miss kendra said...

mustard on tuna?

are you nuts?

poor poor kitten. all soiled.

miss kendra said...

i mean, YAY! kitten in a sandwich!

TastyMcJ said...

Kendra: Yeah.. I was like, wtf is jiggs doing putting mustard on this sandwich.

he totally should have used A1 or possibly some teriyaki sauce.

Karen Little said...

You could've at least smoked tuna before you ate her. now you're gonna go and get toxoplasmosis or something.

Tumbleweed said...

Just an extra added FYI comment...
Scum is not himself lately, I am working to correct him and he will resume his normal dead hooker commenting self soon....stay tuned!

jamwall said...

nothing's tastier than a dead hooker in a sandwich.

jiggs said...

spinner: I like my kitten sandwiches lighter. But roasted peppers with kitten! In general I would say "that's amore!"

1. Those are shorts that I have on. I'm assuming you mean that those patterns don't go. This, uebermilf, is something I don't give a shit about.

2. there is both a microwave (in white) and an oven (with the weird nobs) behind me so i don't know what you mean.

carl: 1. They are shorts. I wear them outside. 2. eat him alive.

Additionally carl, the fact that you even noticed my clothes doesn't say too much about your heterosexuality.

scumbag: gook restaurants often serve up great food though.

nick: Are you gay?

brooke: tuna isn't a furry kitty. Eating Tuna was amazing. Also, I am a misunderstood genius.

lilly: thanks lilly. it was the kitten's time.

tumbleweed: of course (about the gaping hole) and I think wine is for sissies.

sassafras: don't worry. no one will see mustard on Tuna now that I ate the kitty.

tasty: word.

karen: it's nice to know that you're looking out for my health. smoked kitty... now that sounds good!

tumbleweed: I am tuned!

jamwall: dead hooker tastes good with everything.

amera hearts said...

i agree with ubermilf, what's up with the clothes?

second, i had the same questions as carl. did you kill the kitten first?

i feel like i'm taking other people's comments. i guess that's what i get for coming over here so late.

hm. i would have skipped the mustard and went with some horseradish

or instead of a sandwich,i would have thrown that sucker into the hot oil and made an eggroll out of him. mmmm....eggrolls!

Übermilf said...

I was referring the the weird knobs.

I am relieved that your genetic material remains safe. In case I need to harvest it, that is.

Also, just because you don't care about your appearance doesn't mean the ladies aren't checking you out.

jamwall said...

oh come on! show us the gory pictures!!!


ok, i got carried away...sorry.

Lee Ann said...

Open wide! ;)

Tits McGee said...

Thanks for ignoring me.


jiggs said...

I just don't understand how my clothing could be the dominate topic of conversation given that this post was about me EATING A KITTEN!

amera: mmm kitten eggrolls. Or even better, kitten gyoza (potstickers)

uebermilf: I make my own fashion rules up. I'm what they call fashion forward, so fashion rules do not apply to me.

jamwall: maybe on the jiggsblog uncensored edition.

lee ann: I can open my mouth pretty big. I wish that was sexy.

tits: me so sorry!!! you're right in suggesting that I can open wide. My jaw unhinges a little bit when I do that. If I was a gay guy, it would be quite a talent.

Tumbleweed said...

There is a Jiggsblog uncensored? Why the hell am I hanging around here??

Lee Ann said...

hmmmm...trying to think!
Bring the top part of your mouth down some, extend your chin just a tad, slightly pucker your lips but keep them slightly parted...ok, let's see that!

Ok Uncle Jiggsy, I am here to learn!

jiggs said...

tumbleweed: jiggsblog uncensored, coming soon to a dvd near you!

lee ann: uncle jiggsy :) it took me a second to remember that from carl's blog :)

amera hearts said...

You are so right. Gyoza would be an intense sensation of kitty in your mouth. I would opt out on the sauce though and just go all the way kitty!