Friday, July 14, 2006

So I signed up for a kissing booth

I have never done anything like a kissing booth before am I'm kind of freaked out. Kissing is a nice fun thing, but with people I don't know?... I might bring a bunch of saran wrap so I can practice safe kissing. I don't want to get SARS! Or Bird flu!

Anyway, Tasty, me and this other guy named B-town went to a bar in the city last night to meet up with some of the pals with whom this kissing booth is being done and in theory, there was going to be practice kissing. Apparently there was some though I didn't know/participate in any of it. And then one of the women I was thinking about practicing with was making out with this dude that I heard was a total loser. Oddly this made her less attractive.

As a side note, B-town suggested the following new word: Curriculum Fetae. Your curriculum fetae which is the number and location for all abortions one has participated in.


miss kendra said...

that's a scary new word.

also, kissing booth? i'm too shy. (shock!)

B-town said...

This has been a poor initial showing of B-town on the blog...I think ("I" being B-town)

jamwall said...

i was practicing my kissing with ed asner. he said i was a great kisser, but used the tongue too much.

...oh and the fondling...

Tumbleweed said...

how exactly do you participate in an abortion? I didn't realize it was a sport!

Practice on me....I have no SARS...just herpes. Please add fondling!

Tumbleweed said...

B-town? Don't tell me you have created another persona? I thought you were on meds for that.

TastyMcJ said...

No, it's true, there is a real person named B-town.


Friends of McDougal said...

do you have to wear a skirt and pumps and ruby red lipstick, too?

The Husband said...

dude, i'm not sure how i feel about this kissing booth. i hope you get some nasty lip fungus!

have a great weekend bitches!

Ɯbermilf said...

True story:

I had a very slight, effeminate English teacher in high school who also performed in the theatre in college.

He had a part in a play which required kissing a woman, which he had never done, so he had to practice using an orange.

P.S. Would cupcakes help? You could kiss my cupcakes if you wanted.

Tits McGee said...

1) The new word? Ew.

2) Could you please provide some context for the kissing booth? Is this to raise money for some good cause? Or are you boys just planning to set up shop on a street corner somewhere?

3) How can I ensure that I am first in line and get to kiss you?

scumbag said...

weed got herpes from me.

Brookelina said...

I'll come to your kissing booth. But only if B-town isn't there.

jiggs said...

miss kendra: too shy!?!? I should be too shy, but I figure if it makes me uncomfortable, maybe I should try it.

b-town: I'm certain you'll have further showings that will further illustrate your genius level brilliance.

jamwall: ed asner is definitely all hands.

tumbleweed: "Please add fondling" sounds like a line from a Chinese cookbook.... The best cookbook ever! Also, B-town is real.

tasty: thanks confirmer

mcd: of course. why do you ask?

carl: a nasty fungus like the one you got? OOOOOHHH SNAP!!!!

uebermilf: don't tease me like that. I would fly to chicago just to kiss your cupcakes.

tits: I think the proceeds are being donated to some children's charity. I'm not certain, but at least the organizers claim that we're doing it "for the children". Additionally, it's happening during a social function that I'm going to and there are even women doing the kissing booth thing. and finally, as a VIP you wouldn't have to wait in line.

scumbag: chiefs suck.

jiggs said...

brooke: I'll give you the vip treatment, just like tits. and b-town won't be there.

Lee Ann said...

ummm....I love to kiss!
Just let me know Jiggsy, if you ever want to practice.

Spinning Girl said...

I've been gone so long that I had to go into "archives" to catch up.

Holy crap!

I would kiss you. On the bum.

jiggs said...

lee ann: next time I'm in the neighborhood, i'll let you know.

spinner: my bum would like that. I'll got and get him from outside.