Friday, July 07, 2006

My sexy mullet and other musings

As you know, I cut my own hair. Well last time I was cutting it, I decided to leave the back long, but trim the top and sides. In other words, to initiate a mullet sequence. Today I reaped the sexy rewards as a attractive female cashier attempted to flirt with me. Or at least I think she was. I'm so bad at interacting with women that I can never tell.

Just a few random notes: yesterday's picture was fashioned from this pic of waterskiers. Notice that their right legs aren't really in the original pic. I had to reconstruct them from the left legs. That's why they have two left feet. Creepy, eh? Not to mention my head on their bodies.


The Husband said...

why do you cut your own hair? why not ask your non sexual life partner to do it for you?

Lilly said...




miss kendra said...

why is there no picture of said mullet?

also, why is your house so far from my house?

scumbag said...

you'd make a lousy hooker jiggs.

allison said...

i cut my own hair too sometimes....i get really bad split ends.

just saw Pirates of the Caribbean!!! It was really good.

Ɯbermilf said...

I think any woman would be proud to sport your head on her body.

jamwall said...

you're like a total foot photoshopping fucking MASTER!!!

i bow before thee.

Tumbleweed said...

Your photoshop skills frighten me!

According to everyone but me, I have a mullet picture posted today!

Spinning Girl said...

I like a mullet and a misshapen hoof on a man.

Also hawt: polydactyly.

jiggs said...

carl: what are you some kind of pervert? that's not what nonsexual life partners do.

lilly: definitely a mullet

miss k: It's not really a mullet yet. but I'll post a pic soon. As for distance between houses, I think it has something to do with the fact that there is not justice in the world.

scumbag: I would make a lousy hooker. just like KC makes a lousy football team.

ap: i want to see pirates too. All the cool people cut their own hair.

uebermilf: It's true. my head is very feminine. She might have to shave every now and again, but it's no biggie.

jamwall: my powers do not compare to nick. he is a genius and I'm just a steaming turd.

tumbleweed: that's not a mullet. not at all.

spinner: well guess what. I have 12 fingers. ON EACH HAND!

slappy said...

That's true. He's a mutant freak.


Toe knee Chest nuts said...

I may make little sense, but I try to make sense of the world. It looks Hollywood and is obviously very versatile. Do the girl/boys do the cancan while water skiing? Is it on the way to the hairdresser? My Jewish dad said things must make sense. Is the hairdresser driving the motorboat? Why is it out of focus, what do you have to hide? So many things don't add up much, and the pic makes me wonder. Meds Jiggs, u need meds. Too many left feet,a biet deesturbing, is it for an ad co. with no conscience??

Perver said...

I do enjoy the watersports. Which bikini is best? They're all small cupped, not much to compare. The one on the end has the most curves. I like to watch from the beach. Beaches are for watching girls in bikinies. I'm a girl and I like to look. Sorry I'm late but I got home from the office late today.

Late News said...

I noticed a water ski was missing from my closet today, so that photo was taken in the last few days. It's strange how they chose orange bikinies, it's so retro. I thought the bikini went out and I hope it won't come back due to that pic. The onepiece on Cronulla beach does wonders to stop race riots, or maybe it started it. Did you see the headlines police bashed and onepiece gang helps by fighting back?

Tits McGee said...

I'd sport your head on my body any day, baby.