Monday, July 24, 2006

Mullet Watch! Episode 1

To track the building excitement over the growth of my mullet, I have decided to institute a new feature here at jiggsblog called "Mullet Watch!". Every "Mullet Watch!" I will provide a picture of my mullet and any additional mullet related info.

So far, even though my mullet is still a junior mullet, two women have already told me that it is hideous and I must cut it. Here is this week's mullet pic:


Fred said...

cut it? at least wash it first. i can still see those stains from last week.

Nick said...

It seems like all I do is see the back of your head these days. Why don't we ever cuddle?

scumbag said...

i'll kill you dead!

The Husband said...

how long do you plan on letting the mullett grow?

also, is your role model billy ray cyrus?

Tits McGee said...

Um, no offense, baby, but, um...


Continuing to buzz it all off while leaving a little fringe in the back does not result in a mullet. Leave the clippers alone for a bit, sweetie.

You want me to come over and give you a little trim in a month or so?

miss kendra said...

i'm sorry, but ew.

next you'll be wearing a newport lights tshirt and throwing back "natty ice" to the dulcet tones of nascar.


Brookelina said...

This is hideous and you must cut it.

Nick said...

Don't listen to these obviously insane women. Your haircut is of the raddest caliber and should be seen through to fruition.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggsy, is that really you? I want to see the front view next to it!
(Because, that doesn't look like what I picture the back of your head to look like).

jiggs said...

fred: I think you're confusing reality with your gay sex fantasies.

nick: You want to cuddle? That's so gay!

scumbag: I would prefer if you killed me alive.

carl: I plan on letting it grow as long as it takes. billy ray cyrus is a role model, but not for mulletry.

tits: Like i said, it's a junior mullet still, so there will be plenty of time to grow out the back. But if you're in town in a month or so and want to give my a haircut, I ain't gonna stop ya.

miss k: mmm natty lite and nascar

brooke: but what do you really think?

nick: you're always on my side. that's what I like about you.

lee ann: it's really me. That's really my sexy mullet.

miss kendra said...

i put them back in.

Spinning Girl said...

I thought for sure you'd at least wear a wife-beater T for the photos.

Lilly said...

Shite! I hate to admit this, Jiggs --- ..... but but but -- your mullet is growing on me [figuratively speaking]! Darn.

allison said...

hmmmmm not quite sure what to say.

jamwall said...

now you need a really pathetic 1/2 mustache and a heavy metal t-shirt!

ofzhy <--- outstanding facilities for zebra-humping yourself.

Lilly said...

I cannae believe I said that -- Jiggs, go and delete that comment I made above, please!!

LOL @ Jamwall.

Tumbleweed said...

I like the back of your head....but I would much rather see the top!

jiggs said...

weird. i thought I responded to the 2nd batch of comments.

miss kendra: nipple rings are a fickle beast.

spinner: beaters are rad. but i didn't want to freak anybody out.

lilly: I knew it!

AP: speechless because of its beauty? I thought so.

jamwall: time to get the LED OUT!

lilly: can't take it back!

tumbleweed: Is that an oral sex reference?

Tumbleweed said...

uh....yea, of course!!