Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lilly is so rad!!!

Merry jiggsmas to everyone! I got another gift in the mail! This one is from the wonderful and awesome lilly. Check it out! She sent her package all the way from Denmark! She had to spend 325 kegels to send it me (kegels is the unit of currency in denmark). Here is the envelope and letter she sent me (click on them to see them bigger):

Dear Jiggs,

I am proud to present you wtih a small selection of Danish candy. Yes - SPUNK is readily available in most candy shops, supermarkets, etc in this country. In fact, we love stuffing our faces with SPUNK and we even give our children a wee box of SPUNK too now and again! YUMMI! :)

Since I am familiar with your twisted sense of humour*, I am convinced that you will find the enclosed boxes of SPUNK mildly amusing - ENJOY- and be sure to offer your friends a taste of your Danish SPUNK too! [Hey, you may even use the stuff in connection with a chat-up line.]

SPUNK - greetings, Lilly xx *viking*

*That is one of the reasons I like you :)
What an odd letter. One might almost infer that "SPUNK" has some kind of alternative meaning...

And here is the spunk (click to see them bigger):

The candy looks like little birds. One box is citrus flavors and the other is cola flavor which are my two favorite spunk flavors.

So I tasted the SPUNK and while I wish I could say that I liked the sweet flavor in my mouth, unfortunately it doesn't taste very good and is a little too chewey. Here's a pic of me enjoying the taste of my SPUNK:


The Husband said...

what a great action shot. would you like some of my Spunk in your mouth?

Brookelina said...

If Carl gives you spunk, I want pictures.

They don't look like little birds, they look like little turds.

Tits McGee said...


You are so rocking that mullet while eating your spunk.

Know what? I once had a guy ask me, in the middle of sex, "Do you want to see me eat my cum?" Um, no thanks. Ew.

word verification: ebifukjz

The Husband said...


did you continue to bang that guy when he asked about watching him eat his own cum?

i know this guy who was banging this girl. she stopped, rolled over and picked up a crack pipe that was on her nightstand, took a hit then proceeded to bang my friend. true story!

Lilly said...

Jiggs, I am so happy to know that my little SPUNKs made it to California and have now found a good home.

Big LOL @ 'kegels'!! :-D
[where the hell do you get words like that from?]

I hope the SPUNKs do not mess up your beautiful [and very American -- in a stereotypical way] teeth!

Did you know that they come in one more flavour -- salty liquorice [licorice]. But most non-Scandinavian people hate that flavour for some reason, so I thought I'd stick to the other two flavours.

Nick said...

I don't know what's more upsetting, Jiggs enjoying spunk, Tits' story about the weird guy or Carl's story about the crack whore.

So much upsets me.

miss kendra said...

definately tits' story is the worst one.

i want to try a citrus one, although i'm sure i won't like it.

i'm not a candy girl, especially gummy things.

scumbag said...

did he beat the crack whore to death carl?

The Husband said...


this was some girl he met at a party in college. he went back to her place and started banging. then, all of a sudden she whips out a crack pot and takes a hit off it. my friend thought it was a little weird but kept banging her. he was drunk and probably on drugs himself (but not crack.)

TastyMcJ said...

I also ate some spunk last night.

It was quite good.

I wish you had sent licorice, Lilly!

It would have been perfect, becuase Jiggs wouldn't have liked it, and he could have given the whole box to me!

jamwall said...

i eat pounds of spunk everyday. most of it comes from jiggs casey.

Lilly said...

Tasty, give me a shout and I'll send you your very own box of SALTY LIQUORICE SPUNK! ;-D

TastyMcJ said...

Lilly, that would be super awesome!

send me an email at and I'll send you my contact info.

Lee Ann said...

You are so adorable!

paintergirl said...

It is so cute-why does it look like embyros? Are they like swedish fish?

Tits McGee said...

Carl - No, I'm afraid that pretty much killed the mood for me. Hitting off a crack pipe would have been crazy sexy, by comparison.

jiggs said...

carl: no. I will not put your spunk in my mouth.

brooke: birds, turds... what's the difference really.

tits: I am rocking my fucking mullet like a mullet rocker. also eww.

carl: crack pipe? rad.

lilly: they have found a home... in my belly! kegels are vaginal muscle exercises.

nick: take a deep breath. you'll be alright.

miss kendra: I like gummi things. Our disagreement over gummi things might mean that we're not meant for each other.

scumbag: only in your fantasy scumbag. also, chiefs suck!

carl: crackwhores rule

tasty: you sicken me.

jamwall: and you'll keep eating it until my contract expires!

lilly: tasty is my housemate, so if you send it to the same address as you sent mine, he'll get it.

lee ann: I am adorable

paintergirl: they are tiny and thus cute. but also not tasty.

tits: I'm glad we got that straightened out.

Tumbleweed said...

I'm not real big on spunk either....but I make up for it!

Could you send me your package?

Shit, I sound like a crazy horny bitch......well

jiggs said...

tumblweed: you're my favorite crazy horny bitch.

Lilly said...

LOL LOL @ Jiggs' "birds, turds... what's the difference really" + also LOL @ kegels!!! You never fail to surprise me with your madness, Jiggs -- I love it like!

Tasty --> I've just sent you an e-mail :-D