Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I had so much meat in my mouth

I just filled my mouth with flesh. All I could possibly cram in there.

I hung out with the parents on the 4th. My father made pulled pork. It was so tasty. And a bit salty, but pork is supposed to be salty.

I like the savory flavor in my mouth.


Brookelina said...

You are such a tease.

Nick said...

I had taco bell.

miss kendra said...

i had rice.

nick and i stayed home and formed a militia on the internet.

Spinning Girl said...

oh baby.

jamwall said...

you were pulling my pork last night jiggsy boy.

you put barbeque sauce on it too.

KittyCat said...

kitty loves to eat all kinds of meat... meow...

jiggs said...

brooke: you know it

nick: that's good to

miss k: a militia? to protect against whom?

spinner: that's right

jamwall: bbq sauce is a great lube

kittycat: i bet she does

Lee Ann said...

I know the feeling!

did I just say that out loud?

Tits McGee said...

I must go take a cold shower now. Oh, how I missed you, Jiggs.

jiggs said...

lee ann: you did say it. and I loved every moment of it.

tits: you're back! yay!

Lilly said...

Is this the time and place for me to make some vegetarian-anti-meat comment?

Ok then: