Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Final thought on Zizou

Sorry, I read a lot of sports pages, so I've been inundated with Zidane headbutt stories. Was it justified? Will it forever taint his legacy? Did the Italian call him a terrorist?

Can't we just agree that it was freakin hilarious?


allison said...

not as hilarious as Putin's incident yesterday!

nontheless, it was funny. Saw it on the Daily Show.

The Husband said...

i thought it was great. if everyone was nice soccer would be boring. it always helps to have an asshole create problems.

i heart zinedane zadane.

Lilly said...

No idea.

Lilly said...

I missed the last question: aye, it added some excitement to the game [in addition to the players' nice legs, obviously]

jamwall said...

i was headbutting italians all day!

paintergirl said...

hee hee! I thought he said "real men don't shave their heads"

jamwell very funny-and please I want more cowbell now.

Sterne Broun said...