Friday, June 02, 2006

Where is daddy's medicine?

My new t-shirt idea. I'm not certain I like the exact wording just yet. If you all have any suggestions as to other phrases that might fit, I'd like to hear them.


jiggs said...

like maybe: daddy wants his medicine

The Husband said...

McDougal would have a blast with this but here are a few of my own...
"i love my homies but where my bitches at"

"where is daddy's glock...because daddy wants to kill the bastard that mommy is sleeping with"

"where is the phone number for daddy's coke dealer"

scumbag said...

where is daddy's dead hooker?

Ɯbermilf said...

I was thinking "where's daddy's scotch" a la Blue Velvet, but I like Scumbag's better.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Is that Reagan? (that's not a slogan)

Nick said...

Daddy Needs Two Teaspoons Of The Good Stuff

that's kind of long.

Just like my penis.

miss kendra said...

i like daddy wants his medicine.

is need better?

either way, i like it.

amera hearts said...

how about. . .

Carl actually getting some?!!?!?

The Husband said...


i banged a random two weeks ago. matter of fact i'm thinking about giving her a call tonight and seeing if she wants to get her HUMP on again.

jiggs said...

carl: how about "daddy needs his gun" or "mommy is a whore". I'm surprised you didn't suggest something about syphilis

scumbag: how about "not another dead hooker"

uebermilf:scumbag certainly does have a way with dead hookers

pix: No, though it does look like reagan. It's a picture that I post-processed to look like a sketch. It was originally this guy:

nick: heyo!

kendra: daddy needs his medicine is better

amera: ooooh snap!

carl: ain't nothing wrong with a booty call. Though she might not appreciate it that you refer to her as a random.

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

i like the jigg-tweeked versions of everybody else's suggestions. My favorite is "not another dead hooker."