Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tasty is leaving for a whole week on Thursday

How will I survive without my nonsexual life partner? I will be so bored and lonely.

Also, check out this stir fry I made. Wait a second! Tiny Sajak, get away from my stir fry. TINY SAJAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!


Spinning Girl said...

mmmmm, that looks just plain delicious. i could lap it up with a spoon!

the stir fry looks pretty good, too.

Nick said...

it looks like you overcooked the rice.

The Husband said...

nonsexual life partner...thats great.

The Husband said...

oh, i've had turds that look like your stir fry.

Tumbleweed said...

Now I'm hungry.

Did you say nonsexual....sure.

Ɯbermilf said...

Your stir fry could use more color.

Some sugar snap peas, perhaps?

Or... did Pat Sajack eat your sugar snap peas?

Tits McGee said...

If you're bored while Tasty's away, you could entertain yourself by practicing a certain song on the guitar for me.

Just saying.

Brookelina said...

Tasty is nonsexual?

allison said...

maybe you can get in some one on one time with time warner's "adult on command."

TastyMcJ said...

That Tiny Sajak, always encroaching on our stir fry.

What a little bitch.

allison said...

just thought you might want to know that i just found the greatest download on the internet....it's exactly like my favorite dice game Yahtzee but it's called Jahtzee!! i haven't left the sofa in 3 hours.

p.s do any of you on jiggs blog know what anti virus software is better for macs? i'm going to buy one and download it but i didn't know if i should get the norton or mcafee.

scumbag said...

whenever my hookers complain about not liking gook food i kill them.

ok nevermind, i just kill 'em anyway.

Booty J Patrol said...

AP: I just sent you an email, but in case you see this first, stay away from Symantec(Norton). Their product is far inferior to McAfee's as far as quality.

Also, you might want to try this free one:

It is based on a virus checker that I use on my mail server.

jamwall said...

tiny sajack is my nonsexual life partner.

....except when he crawls down my pants..

miss kendra said...

i wish i had a non sexual life partner.

i also wish i had a stirfry.

jiggs said...

spinner: don't fall under the spell of tiny sajak!

nick: what is this? iron chef?

carl: no carl, you're great. and about those turds... how did they taste?

tumbleweed: as non-sexual as a picnic basket

uebermif: it was a spicier dish. more like mongolian beef. also I don't
care for peas.

tits: hint taken

brooke: yes of course

ap: I don't need time warner cuz I gotst me my internet of demand

tasty: tiny sajak is deadly

ap: I don't need a dice game to sit on the sofa for three hours

scumbag: you would be a great pimp

booty: word

jamwall: tiny sajak is a dirty pervert

sassafras: everybody needs a nonsexual life partner.

Lee Ann said...

I think every time you post something you make, I tell you the same thing....come to my Castle and cook for me...
I would return the flavor!