Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Right Triiiiiiangle

Spinner wanted me to record the Right Triangle song and as I'm a slave to her wishes, I recorded it. It's no kitten in a sandwich jingle, but it is better than most of what Steeley Dan put out with the obvious exception of "Ricky don't you lose that number".

Also, I added the "daddy" series of shirts to my shirt store. The last daddy shirt is dedicated to our good friend scumbag.


Spinning Girl said...

Yay ya ya ya yay!

I am going to loop this and listen to it over & over on my drive in, today.


Now lick my boots.

Nick said...

You kind of remind me of the lead singer to They Might Be Giants. Can you do Birdhouse In Your Soul?

Also, how dare you besmirch the good name of Steely Dan, and offer up one of their worst songs as comparison!

That's Mr. McDougal, to you, punk said...

That's nothin'.

I recorded this for Nick.

Nick, I love you.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Wow, your voice is sooo deep and it sounds like you're in the sewers. I love it.

The Husband said...

i'm a HUGE fan of the "Not Another Dead Hooker" shirt. HUGE. kudo's to jiggs.

Tits McGee said...

That totally made me want to do trigonometry naked.

Also, Nick is correct about you sounding a little like John Flansburg from TMBG, and also correct about your besmirchment of the good name of Steely Dan. I mean, c'mon, even if you don't like their music, you have to give them props for choosing to name their band after a dildo.

miss kendra said...

i still regret the significant lack of karaoke in our vegas adventure.

when we meet again....

(so far today i ate cereal)

Lee Ann said...

Where is the "Who's your Daddy now?" shirt?
I can't listen to your song at work. I will have to plug in when I get home.

Ɯbermilf said...

I'm awake. What did I miss?

The Husband said...

i'm starting to get concerned about the quality of Jiggs blog lately. i turn to you for my dose of daily, demented entertainment but i'm not feeling it anymore. whats the deal yo?

Brookelina said...

Now I can say I know a rock star! I'm totally telling people we did it.

jiggs said...

spinner: done and done

nick: What can i say. I am a douche. steely dan sux!

mr mcd: it's true. that is far superior to my recording

pix: that's what happens when you sing into your desktop's embedded mic

carl: kudos to you carl

tits: I give props to the members of steely dan for being dildos.

miss kendra: what kind of cereal?

lee ann: That's a good one I forgot about. thanks for reminding me.

uebermilf: nick and tits were talking about how much steely dan sux.

carl: the problem is inside you my friend. I think you're projecting, much in the same way that frank projects when he calls you gay.

brooke: why just tell people we did it? why not we actually do it?

The Husband said... are right on the money with the whole "projecting" thing. perhaps that has been my problem all along. this explains alot. thank you for making a difference in my sad, pathetic life.

i heart jiggs!

Lee Ann said...

Oh, now I know "who's my Daddy"! Jiggs, that song...if you only knew the happiness it has brought to me!
I adore you.

jamwall said...

i thought you were gonna go into a nick cave song or something..

Nick said...

Number 4, The RZA

I love McDougal with all of my black heart.

Frederick Banister, The Tree Surgeon.

Boxcar Aldous Huxley

Iron Trousers; The Strong.

Nick said...

I'll give anyone 5 dollars if they listen to all 700 of them.

663. Uranus John: The Star Trekler

667. Turkeyballs Paco

Nick said...

418. California Ainsley Short-Pants

547. Myron Biscuitsphere: The Dumpster Archeologist

jiggs said...

carl: I heart you too carl

lee ann: you're a sweetheart!

jamwall: nick cave is a genius

nick: that recording his hilarious, though I only listened to about 10% of it.

Tumbleweed said...

Actually, daddy drinks because you cry applies to scum quite well too!

AndyT13 said...

oh dear LORD! Must have the Not Another Dead Hooker shirt. RIOT!

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

Oh my god. I totally missed that. That was absolutely the best song ever. Where can I download the single?