Monday, June 26, 2006

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Victoria Balls

It was recently revealed that Jiggs has something that most men lack - a "bonus" third testicle. In the same discussion we found out that Jiggs has something that most men don't fully understand - an extra half testicle. In the whirlwind of interest in Jiggs's three and a half balls, old Jiggsy decided to cash in and build a resort complex featuring his testicular bounty. Here's a travel brochure.

Enjoy it, douchebags!


jamwall said...

many have died on mt. blue ball where the mood can change very rapidly between docile and excited.

many geologists think, that someday, stumpy will someday blow its top, which could be the first time in over a year. apparently the magma has perculated (or as geologists say "has gotten backed up")

who knows when our villages will flow in the baby batter again. lets just hope we're wearing latex when it happens..

Tits McGee said...

You guys are fucking geniuses. If I wasn't already married, I would marry all of you. It would be like Big Love, but with more balls.

Nick said...

That's drop-shadow-tastic!

Ɯbermilf said...

But how many ovaries does he have?

miss kendra said...

victoria balls is for lovers!

i'm honeymooning there.

Spinning Girl said...

There is something seriously wrong with you.

I think I love you.

jiggs said...

jamwall: we can only pray that we're all wearing raincoats when stumpy finally blows it's load.

tits: I wouldn't want to share you with the rest of jiggsblog.

nick: high praise

uebermilf: I only have 7 ovaries. But who's counting?

miss kendra: I like the idea of you vacationing on my nuts.

spinner: the feeling is mutual