Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vegas trip

We roadtripped it out to vegas figuring that driving would be the cheapest way to get there. Then we saw this!

We stayed at the luxor hotel which at one time was a classy trivialization of ancient egypt. Now they have a giant ad for hairspray marring the pyramid.

We spent time gambling, eating, drinking, and watching ladies by the pool. Here I was training for the bed jumping event in the upcoming olympics.

We went to the star trek experience at the hilton. Here are booty (blacked out) and tasty enjoying their borg themed drink. They are so cute, aren't they?

Our room had a hot tub in it. I'm in the hot tub and Slappy is on the side conversing with me. It might look gay, but we were talking about different ways for pleasuring a woman. So really it was the straightest thing you could possibly imagine.

On the second day, Miss Kendra showed up. We went to a buffet called cravings. Here Kendra is showing off her roast beef which just so happens to look like the predator. Miss Kendra had a cute hat on. Also, she is hot.

Here is a group picture of us at the end of the evening after boozing it up in o'shea's. I'm in the front and Slappy is in the far left, booty is blacked out, and Tasty is to the right of Kendra.

Cheers everyone. Souvenir photos will be put up tomorrow.


GrandPooOfAwesome said...

You guys totally rule.

Lee Ann said...

You, Slappy and Tasty are just the cutest, really you are.
Jiggs, I didn't realize you are so athletic. It looks like you are ready for the bedjumping competition. Now that tub looks like fun ;)
Miss Kendra you are adorable!

Nick said...

I'm so jealous, I might die. It should have been me at the Star Trek Experience.

Tumbleweed said...

That looks like a blast and guys are so foxy! Kendra is a doll. I am also excited to know that slappy, tasty and booty are real and not several of your alter egos. I may start to think you're not so crazy!

Übermilf said...

Personally, I find Tasty to be the most attractive.

The Husband said...

nice photo's. why is booty blacked out? is he in the witness protection program or something?

also, were you really taking a bath? i only take baths if a girl is in the tub with me.

slappy said...

Thank you, Grand. Yes, we do rule. Totally.

Tasty is downright tasty.

Jiggs had trunks on in the hot tub, so it's much less gay than it looks.

Tits McGee said...

I will be fantasizing about the hot tub picture for weeks.

Booty J Patrol said...

I'm blacked out to protect my anonimity, because if my coworkers ever saw this, I'd have problems.

Also, because it's funny to have a picture where 25% of it is blacked out, no?

miss kendra said...

i ate the predator, but just a little. it tasted icky.

booty is blacked out because he has no face and we didn't want to scare you. seriously.

tasty, back me up on this.

the tub thing is actually gay no matter what they tell you. it didn't turn not gay until i jumped in.

TastyMcJ said...

No, it's true. He has no face.


TastyMcJ said...

Thanks übermilf.

Übermilf said...

Actually, I meant Booty is the best looking.

Sorry, Tasty.

Übermilf said...

Wait, I meant Slappy.

After Jiggs and Miss Kendra, that is.

miss kendra said...

i'm the best looking!

it's the hat.

i actually think i look odd in those pictures, but it could be that the horror of the predator and the blank stare of booty's dead dead eyes take away from my lustre.

Spinning Girl said...

I am SO PSYCHED and I wasn't even there! I secretly love, and fantasize about, all 4 of you.

jiggs said...

poof: no, you rule.

lee ann: You're right! we are the cutest.

nick: Had you been there, it would have even been more fun.

tumbleweed: I'm not as crazy as you think I am.

uebermilf: uebermilf has a crush on tasty!

carl: it was a hot tub, so i was enjoying the bubbles... with my dick out.

slappy: it's pretty gay.

tits: sexcellent!

booty: you whore!

kendra: you were in the tub? How come I don't remember that? Blast you and your roofies!

tasty: booyeah!

uebermilf: On behalf of Tasty: ouch! On behalf of booty: Uebermilf has a crush on booty!

uebermilf: uebermilf has a crush on jiggs and miss kendra!

kendra: I think we all agree that you are the best looking.

spinner: I secretly fantasize about you too! RUFF!

slappy said...

Dammit, Uber, stop toying with our emotions!

Kendra is right. The tub was gay and a half until she jumped in wearing nothing but the hat. That was all kinds of awesome.

briana said...

Kendra's logic is fucked up. Nothing can truly be gay until she gets there. Natch.

jamwall said...

booty's got a very blank dark look on his face.