Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Try number two with grouping the links

I arbitrarily grouped the blogs into Blogs!!! and Blogs!!! Blogs!!!.

Complain away.


GrandPooOfAwesome said...

That's cool, Lancaster.


Tits McGee said...

I am giddy like a schoolgirl.

Nick said...

Me too, actually.

miss kendra said...

i wish to be my own catagory, but only on wednesdays.

this catagory shall be: blargh!

Lee Ann said...

No complaints from me cutie!

jiggs said...

poof: slappy is lancaster

tits: giddy rhymes with titty

nick: you are a great schoolgirl

sassafras: BLARG!!!!

lee ann: right back atcha

Tits McGee said...