Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tasty and I had dinner yesterday with Ueberdilf

It was an enjoyable experience, and not just because he bought us beer.

Dilf is quite talkative, which is good because Tasty and I aren't exactly Merv Griffin. Following protocol, Dilf immediately called me a douchebag and I was smitten.

Dilf extolled the virtues of marriage and I countered that marriage is the worst thing in the history of man, far worse than the 100 years war and the thirty years war combined. In other words, I think the institution of marriage is worse than 130 years of war.

He then called me a liar and punched me in my bonards.

It was the best dinner ever.


Übermilf said...

Perhaps if you were married to me, you'd have a positive view of marriage as well.

The Husband said...

wow, jiggs met ubermilfs husband? whats this world coming to? nothing makes me more happier then when people from the blogosphere meet in person. so special!

Tits McGee said...

You're getting soft, Carl.

Jiggs, I have to second Übermilf. It's all in choosing the right lady.

Also, any meal that ends with a punch in the bonards is a successful meal.

I'm totally jealous.

UberDILF said...

It was quite the enjoyable conversation. Having dinner with two PHD candidates made me thankful I dropped out of college.

Booty J Patrol said...

Being friends with too many PHD candidates to count and at least 3 people who finished their PHD, I can say I am glad I stopped at my bachelor's, although I do miss the school lifestyle.

Tumbleweed said...

130 years of war...very close, but it's a little worse than that!

Nick said...

Good man, Dilf. Good man. I owe you one.

miss kendra said...

all i have to do is talk alot and punch you in the nards and you'll love me forever?

this weekend is going to be easy.

(i also had a pre-vegas meeting from the blogosphere with a girl named jenL. she's now in "puerto vallarta." not a euphamism.)

TastyMcJ said...

I'm kind of hurt, Jiggs.

I wish you had pointed this out to me before I had all my business cards printed with, "The Merv Griffin of Cyberspace" as my tag line.

TastyMcJ said...

But no, seriously, though. It was a good time.

Thanks for the brewskis and conversation, überdilf!

UberDILF said...

my pleasure guys

amera hearts said...

that sound like an awesome dinner!

hey you think your shirt the other day way gay? I know someone who wears shirts very small. it's weird. but he's not gay.

can my vegas souviner be getting a picture with a pirate?

that woull be great.


jiggs said...

uebermilf: if anyone could do it, perhaps it would be you.

carl: you have revealed your true nature, you queer!

tits: everyone wants to punch me in the bonards



tumbleweed: it's good that I have comarades in this struggle

nick: you whore!

sassafras: you got my number.

tasty: you whore

ueberdilf: i heart pleasure

amera: will do.

Sysm said...

I've had dinner with Dilf, as well. We've shared encased meats. Make of that what you will.

I've had dinner with Ubie, too. In San Francisco, no less. Dilf had another obligation, so I was a Dilfstitute.

Of course, if any of you ever come to Chicago, you will be wined and dined. Or just wined and wined, if you prefer.