Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slappy lives

Vegas pics are below this post (here).

I still can't get over the fact that Tasty and Miss Kendra are actual humans. Very amusing humans at that, and skilled drinkers too.

I just got back on the red-eye so I'm a little loopy. For now, here is a quick casino story.

I've been playing poker in casinos for about five years now, and have yet to see anything like this. I was watching a game at Binion's in downtown Vegas for about ten minutes while waiting for a seat and noticed that one guy just wouldn't shut up. He kept rambling about ace-king, but he wasn't complaining about someone else's play, or talking to anyone at the table for that matter. It was very "No one tells a Navy man when he's had enough to drink because only a Navy man knows when he's had enough to drink" level of incoherent ranting. I finally got a seat, next to crazy ranting dude, who turned to me and wished me good luck. After that brief interlude of lucidity, he returned to ranting about "It's a beatable game. I intend to beat it. That's just what I'm going to do. Play smart." Then after five minutes, he returned to the ace-king rant and it was just about word-perfect to the first time I heard it.

At this point the floor manager walked over to our table and got the guy's attention and said, "You're going to have to leave." Four hours later I was walking down the Fremont Street Experience and he walked past me, still ranting about that motherfucking ace-king.

How do you manage to get thrown out of a downtown Vegas casino? That's like not being classy enough to gamble in Reno.

After all of that poker, I made a profit of nine dollars and two souvenir chips. Online I go by Chopster, "chop" being a poker term for a tie.


Booty J Patrol said...

We should probably clafiy that up until this trip, Tasty and Slappy had never met in person.

The Husband said...

wow...i thought all of you guys were friends beforehand. i think we should plan a big party for all the frequent visitors of Jiggs' Blog to meet up.

miss kendra said...


i feel so speeshul having met everyone.

except todd, because we are minor douchebags and forgot to call him.

but to those of you who i did in fact meet, i say, "suck it."

and i mean that in the nicest possible way. you know.

slappy said...

Kendra, you are special. I attribute it to the hat.

Carl... yes, we should meet up. We can either meet back in Vegas or somewhere convenient like the geographical center of the lower 48. Kansas, here we come!

Spinning Girl said...

Drunk guys with Tourette's are hawt.

jiggs said...

I am the man in the middle that links up slappy with tasty.

We should plan a party one of these days, Carl. I think we ought to meet in chicago.

I don't know todd, not even in the blogosphere. So I don't have any remorse.

Lee Ann said...

Slappy you are a winner in my book for sure!

jamwall said...

fucking ace kings.....fuckers....

Nick said...

Kansas! Woot!

fugusashi said...

Thrown out of Binions? Haha. My sister and I call it "Bunions". Sounds like you guys had a great trip.