Monday, May 15, 2006

Seizures are not funny

But I was at a party in which someone said "epilepsy has its moments" and that was amusing to me.

The party was at this tiki bar called the conga lounge. The mai-tais there are extremely strong.

A bunch of my friends are getting married and its freaking me out. I really don't want to get married, not right now I mean. Marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries, for cryin' out loud!


Tits McGee said...

Marriage means getting laid any time you want.

Well, if you choose the right spouse, anyway.

scumbag said...

that's total horseshit. seizures are hilarious!

The Husband said...

alot of my friends are getting married as well. although, some are getting divorced. i can't wait to meet that special someone.

ps- i heart bonards.

Ɯbermilf said...

Don't be coy, Jiggsy. I know you're saving yourself for me.

amera hearts said...

I feel you on the marriage thing.

As of today, out of the 20 or so close friends I had growing up and in college, I am the last one standing. They are all married mostly with kids.

Well there is always Chris, but he refuses to marry anyone that is not Shakira so he doens't count.

Oh and E-Low who is constantly getting engaged, but not married. She has about 6 engagement rings. I think she just likes being engaged! (oh and keeping the damn rings!)

I feel the pressure totally. Arg.

miss kendra said...

what the hell am i going to vegas for then?????

jamwall said...

i love seizure salad.

jiggs said...

tits: so you're saying that I need to marry a nympho.

scumbag: your face is horseshit!

carl: we all love bonards

uebermilf: How did you know?

amera: you had 20 close friends! You are popular!

sassafras: I'll make an exception for you. But I'm betting boy won't like our marriage too much.

jamwall: I like it with seizure dressing.

Tits McGee said...


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