Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our search terms are poetry

I drank a coldstone milkshake. Which was good at first, but in retrospect was bad because of my lactose prejudice. Now it's like I have a party in my stomach and everyone is invited but me.

Thank goodness for search terms. When I can't think of something to post, I can always post search terms. Here are two haikus out made out of our search terms for the blog:

tilf poop-jokes-punch-line

john-holmes john-hancock

The actual search terms are joined by dashes.


Manny said...


I followed you from Tumbleweeds.

Just checking you out is all.

Brookelina said...

Search terms into haiku. Genius I tell you! Genius!

Hairy gonads
Hairy gonads
Hairy gonads

For your next post about search terms. Don't say I never gave you anything.

Tumbleweed said...

yea, your back to being crazy again! :)

Tumbleweed said...

COOL, did you see that I brought someone here? How cool is that?

The Husband said...

i heart bonards.

Ɯbermilf said...

tina yothers poop
hairy mythbusters bonards
washing machine poop

miss kendra said...

my nmost recent ones are:

booty tatts
kelly clarkson fucked hard


girls lactose intolerance cheese farts

shold i give the people what they want?

miss kendra said...

and you should also know that


*my heart is officially warmed*

Tits McGee said...

Jiggsy, you make every day special.

miss kendra said...

do we like this?

Booty J Patrol said...

Miss K, if anyone is asking for a BAOJ hit, that blog is it.

jiggs said...

m-e: you're undressing me with your eyes!

brooke: did you steal that poem from robert frost? cuz that is quality

tumbleweed: when wasn't I being crazy? and thanks for bringing people. we want it to be a party here.

carl: I know you do.

uebermilf: that's a good one too. haikus are the highest form poo communication

miss kendra: should you give the dogs their dog food? That's a question I struggle with all the time.

Also, our heart is warmed over here too.

tits: it's officially turned into a love fest over here. thanks tits.

sassafras: I don't care for it myself. the general idea is kind of interesting. in star trek they have this fantastic world and yet this blog focusses on all the banal aspects of future life, but the writing is kind of sucky and the ideas aren't interesting.

whoa I just blacked out. How did that paragraph get there?

booty: i think the time of the baoj has passed.

miss kendra said...

thank you for indulging me on that one. i agree.

plus, data got knocked out by a chick? fuck that.

Lee Ann said...

beer and pee both have two e's!

jiggs said...
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jiggs said...

miss kendra: great minds think alike.

lee ann: you're right! so does "lee"