Sunday, May 14, 2006

My mother's day message to uebermilf

Here's a little limerick for the jiggsblog den mother, uebermilf:

there once was a milf from chicago
who wouldn't take shit from iago.
check out her cupcakes!
they're great goodness sakes!
better yet, she even makes tacos.

It's hard to rhyme with chicago. so here's a haiku to make up for the general suckiness of that limerick:

she is uebermilf:
what a sexy den mother,
no doubt about it.


Nick said...

Suck up.

The Husband said...

i love ubermilf

Übermilf said...

And I love you, Carl. And Jiggs. And, well, just about everyone but Nick.

jamwall said...

i'm constantly staring at ubes' cupcakes.

Spinning Girl said...

She is the mother of us all.

Nick said...

She is sort of our Blogger Surogate Mother.

Tits McGee said...

Your limerick does suck,
but you are totally hot.
So I forgive you.

Also, Übermilf?
Has the sexiest cupcakes.
Call me a suck up.

jiggs said...

nick: I am a suck up

carl: we all heart uebermilf

uebermilf: in your face nick

jamwall: everybody wants a piece of ubie's cupcakes

spinner: yes, she is like eve

nick: damn straight

tits: suck up. for both me and uebermilf. but to be honest, flattery will get you everywhere with me.

Nick said...

Jiggs is so smart and handsome. Can iIborrow like ten bucks, Jiggs?

Anonymous said...

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