Friday, May 26, 2006

I think I saw Al Gore and the Naked Indian crying

I just got a advertisement in the mail. It seems that Hummer (the company that makes the least fuel efficient vehicle in America) has fallen on hard times. In an attempt to boost sales, they are offing a new incentive -- if you buy a new Hummer this year (estimated fuel consumption 14 MPG city, premium gas only) they will reimburse you for anything you pay above $2 a gallon.

So now not only are you driving the car with the worst milage possible, but you have absolutely no incentive to conserve, no matter how expensive gas gets!


Sysm said...

They've announced that they're ceasing production on their signature model, "the great big fucker."

Hummer. Nope. I'm holding out for an SUV called "Reacharound."

jamwall said...

i drive a dirty sanchez..

slappy said...

Incentives... I think once you are thinking about buying a $50K+ vehicle, you aren't hurting for the gas money. It's a statement vehicle. The statement is, "Behold my cock." Whereas hybrids are also statement vehicles, as in "Behold my environmental cock."