Wednesday, May 03, 2006

History of the day for May 3

In 1791, Jacques Pervier realizes French hypocrisy when he asks, "Are we
truly any better than the former nobles if we summarily put them to death?" He is summarily put to death.


Spinning Girl said...

You had "summarily" on your page-a-day calendar last week, didn't you? Now you have to use it 10 times in a sentence?

FRITZ said...

It would appear, SG, that summarily is the only way one is put to death, anymore. It used to be people were decapitated or hanged or drowned or knifed or shot or executed. But now, they are simply summarilized.


I like Jiggs Casey.

jiggs said...

spinner: summarily summarily summarily summarily. life is but a dream.

fritz: I like you too fritz