Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A brief tribute to lee ann

In spite of the success of yesterday's phone-it-in post, I thought I would actually post some new content today and do a long overdue tribute to lee ann:

in Haiku:
lee ann has castles.
She brings the best booty dust
and rocks your socks off.

sometimes a puzzle
with one of her many sides...
just what I needed.

I struggled for a while trying to come up with a limerick, but the only thing that was working for me was the final line: "Her bootay: the best since sliced rye."

Additionally, I got a piece of spam that amused me:
Your neighbors lost their al@rm-clock. Don't worry, the sound of your satisfaction
from having sex will make them wake up every morning or even have sleepless nights if you enlarge your dose.


scumbag said...

you and your jap poetry......

The Husband said...

i think jiggs should consider running as McDougal's VP in the next election.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggsy, you are a doll!
...I know, you do love that booty dust!
Glad you enjoyed the little present ;)
I heart you Jiggsy!

Tits McGee said...

The phrase "the sound of your satisfaction" will haunt me for days.

Übermilf said...

While I'm not arguing that Lee Ann hasn't earned poetry from you, I can't help but wonder where my ÜberPoetry is.

P.S. Did you see the exploding pants tonight?

allison said...

lee ann is awesome!

jiggs said...

scumbag: word.

carl: I'm hoping to get the governorship of guam.

lee ann: I heart you too!

tits: hee hee good.

uebermilf: You'll get your poetry in time my dear. I did see the exploding pants. best episode ever.

AP: lee ann *is* awesome.

Spinning Girl said...

woo hoo, I love tributes! This is a nice one.

I just upped my dose and I don't feel anything. Although I am rocking back & forth on my own heel a little more than usual.

Übermilf said...

Ignore my blatant pandering.

I'm a small, petty woman.

Who loves exploding pants.