Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2 days till we leave for vegas!

I can hardly contain myself. I'm about to spontaneously combust. Let the hilarity ensue. Because when the boys of jiggsblog get together, look out. The hahas will be nonstop. Lock up your daughters people.

Miss Kendra is going to meet us there too. It's gonna be odd meeting someone from the blogosphere. If it was anyone but miss kendra, I'd be a little worried. But she's dynamite.

In other news, I like the taste of olive oil. If you cook something in olive oil, it will taste good. I just cooked a steaming turd in olive oil and it tasted like a million dollars. That's right, I just made a shit eating joke.


Lilly said...

Hey will you send me a postcard from Vegas? *sigh*

It's going to be so boring and quiet here in the Blogosphere while you're away, but I am SO happy for you lot and I am sure you'll be having a ball! GOOD FOR YOU -- enjoy yourself, Jiggsy -- and have a couple of drinks for me :-D Yay!

Nick said...

When did you ever eat a million dollars?

Ɯbermilf said...

Do you coat the turd in bread crumbs first?

miss kendra said...

i've started packing to make sure i have everything i need, but the animal troupe needs air and food and water so those will be last minute items.

i hope i don't forget!

Tumbleweed said...

*click* the lock on my daughters chastity belt!

turd eating....he he

Congrats and be careful...don't swallow the blue pills!

amera hearts said...

"had" 20 riends is the key word. I lost them all to marriage so now I only have 4 :(

I thought you just went to Vegas? I hope you have fun!

The next time you have a million dollars, don't eat it, give me about 100K!

The Husband said...

are you going to get any hookers? remember, its ok to do some blow off hookers boob's...they love it!

Lee Ann said...

Have fun Jiggsy... bring me a souvenir!

jiggs said...

lilly: I will drink a few drinks for you and a few drinks for everyone on the blog.

nick: two weeks ago or so. I had a great poop afterwards.

uebermilf: of course. You can't eat shit without breadcrumbs.

sassafras: I would not want your troupe to go hungry!

tumbleweed: mental note: do not take blue pill

amera: I can poo you out 100k. I know first hand you don't need friends. FUCK YOU FRIENDS!

carl: you're so wise

lee ann: I will see what I can do about souvenirs