Thursday, April 06, 2006

Suck my nards pope!

I know I was a grumpy gus yesterday about the weather. But as miss more pointed out, yesterday the weather cleared up and the butt ruffle skirts came out. And I felt better.

I realized that after complaining about the weather on my blog, the weather cleared just long enough to make me happy. And so there is only one conclusion that can be drawn: God must read my blog! So then I felt a little embarrassed that I talk about buttsex so much if God reads my blog. Sorry about the buttsex, God.

Anyway, I bet God doesn't read the pope's blog. Suck my nards pope!

Additionally, I found three dollars in my coat pocket that I didn't even know I had. It was like getting free money. And with one of those three dollars I bought a donut. Sure it was a little stale, but it was basically a free donut.


GrandPooOfAwesome said...

I was gonna say,

"I like buttsex."

Been then I thought I might go to hell for it.

Nick said...

God is a douche, what does he know.

scumbag said...

while we're on the topic of religion, if jesus is so great, then why is he dead?

SignGurl said...

Scum, you ass, he is risen!

I've missed being here to read about butt sex. Making mental note to visit more often.

scumbag said...

that's just an old wives tale signgurl.

Spinning Girl said...


Yahweh said...

First there was light, then came the firmament, then the animals, each unto their kind, then Adam and Eve. On the 7th day there was rest and on the 8th day, buttsex began.

crabcake said...

You complained about the weather and got free doughnuts?

Our weather freakin SUCKS! Sucks so bad it just chaps my ass.

K. I'm ready for my doughnuts now.

crabcake said...

Crap on a cracker! I've gone and spelt donuts wrong.

Now I'll probably end up with a fat doughy man with wobbly goo for balls.

I'm going home.

jiggs said...

poof: good save.

nick: someone's going to hell

scumbag: damnation!

signgurl: preach it!

scumback: 4th ring of hell!

spinner: donuts rock!

yahweh: I don't care for you, mr Jewish God.

crabcake: yes. God is great!

crabcake: crap on a cracker!

Lee Ann said...

You still love booty dust!
I still heart you Jiggsy!

miss kendra said...

unless nick will be in vegas may 20th, you will be the sole recipient of my affections.

those affections might be sloppy and drunk, but whatever.

jiggs said...

lee ann: I heart your booty dust!

kendra: sloppy and drunk are the best kind of affections.

Nick said...

I'm so going to Vegas now.