Friday, April 07, 2006

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr. Pope.

Some interpreted my last blog post as an attack on the Pope. It was all just a big misunderstanding. When I said "suck my nards pope!" I meant "The pope is a great man. A man of peace beloved by God."

I'm going to form a one man country band. I think I will call it "The Rolling Stones". Or maybe I should call it U2.


Nick said...

Pope Benedict is a man of the people, and by people I mean Non-gay White Catholic Males. If you're one of those then he's your guy.

scumbag said...

i'm a white catholic male!

nikki said...

I can't imagine how anyone could have misinterpreted this message. It was clear as day to me.

Don't call it U2 if you expect anyone to listen to it in the U.S.

miss kendra said...

i think you should call your band "the pope's nards."

then when your album got listed it would be

"suck"- the pope's nards


"tar and feather"- the pope's nards.

Nick said...

Scumbag auspiciously left out "Non-gay", I'd say you have a chance Jiggs.

scumbag said...

whoa! i need to read more carefully!

jiggs said...

nick: he is my guy!

scumbag: way to go!

nikki: true dat.

sassafras: But I don't want anything to do with the pope's nards.

nick: While I don't want the pope, I do want scumbag!

scumbag: So you're saying I don't have a chance?

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

If it's a one man band, I don't recommend U2, but JustMe instead.

Then again, I mostly like miss kendra's idea the best. She's really quite genius though.

miss kendra said...

not many people are interested in the pope's nards.

i bet you could change that though.

jiggs said...

poof: kendra is geniustastic

sassafras: the power of positive thinking.