Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Sassy Treasure Trove: (or Why I'm a creepy weirdo)

My new housemate just lent me a set of sassy magazines from 1993 and they are both awesome and hilarious. Perhaps some of the young ladies out there will correct me if I'm wrong, but Sassy was (is?) a teen magazine aimed at the nerdier 13 and 14 year old girl. Check em out (click on the image to see them close up):

I say nerdier girls because there are cover stories entitled "I'm a geek" and "star trek conventions: nerd magnets or intellectual summits". Additionally there was an article on sex in cyberspace which is only nerdy/noteworthy because it was 1993!

Anyway, over the coming weeks, I'm planning on using these magazines for blog content whenever I can't think of anything.

Doesn't the girl on the cover of the center magazine look like that woman Amy Smart from that movie Road Trip?


Spinning Girl said...

If you find any lip-gloss coupons or samples of liquid makeup in there, send 'em my way.

The Husband said...

how about the young tori spelling in the bottom center photo?!?!? i would bang all those sluts.

miss kendra said...

it is amy smart. she was a model first.

and i totally read sassy.

i demand more sassy content.

Lee Ann said...

I have never heard of this magazine, but I do see a couple of the 90210 girls!

That's Mr. McDougal, to you, punk said...

Btich, m'I sssay nath a mug wneh oyu wtna to bsut uto smoe ldo mgaainesz lkie hatt.

Sreiuosly, od uyo jcka to htat?

I'm jsut fckiung thiw uyo, nam.

I rdea teh sith uto fo smoe sssay cabeause i'st ipmotrant ot nowk whta het ldeais I'm ftaer aer tinhknig buaot.

Sreioulsy, rlac ... od uyo twan koho pu? tel me wonk.

jiggs said...

spinner: will do.

carl: how did I know you were going to say that?

sassafras: is sassy still around? So you were one of the nerdier girls that read sassy?

lee ann: Out of the nine magazines there, I think there are 3 cover stories on 90210 people.

mr mcd: I don't jack to it. there butts aren't big enough. Has anyone ever told you that you're like the jumble?

miss kendra said...

sassy met an early demise.

the closest thing now i suppose would be jane magazine.

still shiny enough for teenagers, but less bubblegum than seventeen or whatever bullshit that is.

plus pam anderson writes a column for them.

jiggs said...

miss k: It was snotty of me to suggest you were nerdy. I have been really snotty the last few days. Additionally, your wish for sassy content is my command. SASSY!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Did you notice the cover on the middle right one has an article about Joey Lawrence! ;)

miss kendra said...

i don't think you're snotty.

i think you're sassy. there's quite a difference.

jamwall said...



jiggsy, you sass me out!

miss kendra said...

i'm sassy too! sassafrasy!

jiggs said...

lee ann: good eye! I had noticed that too but left it as an easter egg for someone else to find!

sassafras: valid point. I like you k because you turn my snotty into sassy.

jamwall: thanks jamwall! you're fucking sassy yourself.

sassafrassy: damn straight! that's why I christened you "sassafras".

Nick said...

There's also an article called "Migrant Farming Sucks" - They must only employ top notch journalists.

Tits McGee said...

Sassy was the best magazine ever. Jane Pratt was the founding editor, who went on to start Jane after Sassy was bought out.

I totally read Sassy, and even entered the "Sassiest Girl in America" contest one year. Though I didn't win, I did go to high school with a girl who won. I didn't know her, though, because she wasn't a slut, pothead, or theater nerd.

jiggs said...

nick: Sassy is where Katie Couric got her start. ZING!

ms. mcgee: You too were a nerdy teen girl am I right? I feel confident making that assumption because you claim to like math. I wish I could find a nerdy girl that wants to have sex all the time.

Nick said...

With you? or just in general?

Tumbleweed said...

I love saved by the bell!

Tits McGee said...

You are right, Jiggs. I was nerdy. Also slutty. Still nerdy, but no longer slutty (I do like to have sex all the time, but now only with my husband).

Good luck finding your nerdy slut - I'm sure she's out there somewhere.

Nick said...

A nerdy slut is like the holy grail of people.

jiggs said...

nick: what?

tumbleweed: Sometimes I watch a saved by the bell rerun. It makes me feel safe. I saw one where they were on summer break. Denise Richards was on that episode and it must have been before she got famous.

mrs mcgee: Sorry, I called you ms mcgee earlier when I should have said mrs. My nerdy slut is out there somewhere. I hope. One problem I'm having is that I'm not a canonical nerd. As a consequence, I also need some freak in a ladyfriend.

nick: This is one point where we are not at odds. You pervert.