Saturday, April 15, 2006

An open letter to Margie, author of the deplorable article about Joey Lawrence in the August 1993 issue of Sassy

Ms. Margie your article about the Joey Lawrence, was not only poorly written, but also insulting to all of us Joey Lawrence fans. Joey is a talent like no other ever to have existed on earth and when you wrote "if you could program a computer to create a teen idol, it would spew forth this young man", I wanted nothing more than to hunt you down so I could punch you in the esophagus.

Additionally, "margie", if that is your real name, your writing style sounds much more like a teen age girl than that of a professional journalist. Did you receive your journalism degree from a cheap finishing school like Dartmouth?

For shame!
Jiggs Casey


Nick said...

Hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!

Lee Ann said...

that is good! haha love it.

miss kendra said...

damn that margie and her derisive commentary!
she's just jealous!

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

1993? Whoah! Let it go jiggs ;).

jiggs said...

nick: thanks for the compliment, you pervert.

lee ann: :)

sassafras: while we are all jealous of the amazing talent that is joey lawrence, we can't let that jealousy prevent us from appreciating his amazingness.

poof: Never will i let it go! Also I just read the article yesterday.

Spinning Girl said...

I am sooooooo making Margie give me my White Rain hairspray back, for writing such tripe.

jiggs said...

spinner: you go girl!

jamwall said...

joey lawrence is very popular!!

i know homeless crossdressors that would give anything to have joey lawrence jack them off!

....why's it always ME who has to jack off the homelss transvestites???

jiggs said...

jamwall: isn't that why you created your nonprofit? to jack off homeless crossdressers?