Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monkeys on the Brain

Pimping more JiggsGear... I introduce the I Heart Sock Monkey shirt. Sold a Trotsky shirt the other day, feeling good about that. A few million more in sales, we can retire and write full time.

Here is the link to the storefront.


miss kendra said...

i heart monkeys of all kinds.

except maybe the proboscis monkey. while i'm sure he has a lovely personality (monkeyality?) i just can't get over the limp penis hangng from his face.

jiggs said...

I don't care for those dickfaces either.

jiggs said...

Also this t-shirt is cute.

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

One year, a student's mom made me one of those monkeys. I mean, she seriously deliberately made me one of those monkeys.

She was hot, and slutty. In retrospect, I should've kept that monkey. In retrospect, I shouldn't have mentioned the hot and slutty part.